Russia’s Power Grab in the Ukraine Has Gone Unnoticed



Protests on the streets of Kiev

For five years, the Ukraine has been negotiating a pact with the EU, the richest economy in the world. The pact represents a chance for the Ukraine to have a normal existence and to be integrated into the European world as an independent sovereign nation.

The Ukraine has suffered from centuries of domination and this was more than a pact for them.

Just before the final signing ceremony, Russia-friendly Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych called off the agreement. He did it after he was called to a meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Putin offered lower gas prices and who knows what else. He apparently doesn’t want the Ukraine joining with the EU because he sees it as a threat to him. Russia has wanted the Ukraine to join their bloc.

To end the EU deal, Yanukovych began demanding the impossible, including 160 billion euros, which was a major affront to the EU. They declined and he claimed the EU offer wasn’t serious.

Now, tens of thousands of Ukrainians have taken to the streets of Kiev in protest against Yanukovych in favor of the EU deal.

Video via Reuters:


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