Rutger’s Latest Sports Scandal Is Long on Gossip


Julie Hermann Photo of embattled Rutger’s coach Julie Hermann who yanked player’s jerseys

Sixteen years ago –16 YEARS AGO – the new Rutger’s coach Julie Hermann coached the University of Tennessee’s women’s Volleyball team. All 15 members of her Tennessee team said she ruled with humiliation, fear and abuse. They wrote a letter to that effect 16-years ago which caused Hermann to quit her job.

Maybe Ms. Hermann missed her calling. She should have worked for the IRS.

The 16-year old letter came to light when Hermann was appointed as the Rutger’s coach and Facebook gossip by former players went viral. Some of the former players now complaining about her stayed in touch with her over the years according to Hermann.

Every crime except murder and coaching mistakes have a statute of limitations apparently. Sixteen years is a long time for these players to hold a grudge.

The players said she called them “whores,” “learning disabled,” and “alcoholics.” The players said the mental cruelty was “insufferable.” Insufferable?

Hermann said the word “whore” is not even in her vocabulary and she is mystified by the accusations.

Some players said her coaching depressed them and one sought counseling all those years ago.

The “insufferable” abuse included: Hermann yanking their jerseys, making them go outside in their workout clothes, giving one a backhand to her gut, making fun of their weight and performance, making them do pushups, and gossiping. If this is “insufferable” to them, maybe they are a little coddled?  They also appear vindictive.

Hermann may have also fired an assistant for becoming pregnant. The former assistant appears to be a big part of the current assault on Hermann.

Since that time, two of Hermann’s former bosses and some former students she coached said she did a great job.

Former Governor Richard Codey wants Hermann fired based on the 16-year old gossip. He doesn’t appear to be a big believer in due process.

If Rutgers has to find a coach that has never offended anyone, they are going to be in a pickle.

Maybe these former players should get a life.

Read about it at the Star-Ledger.

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