Ruth Bader Spotting! She Will Miss a Whole Bunch of Days at Work


Ruth Bader Ginsburg was spotted for the first time since undergoing surgery to remove cancerous growths from her lung.

A photo agency got video of RBG leaving her Washington D.C. apartment at 9 AM Wednesday. TMZ got a copy of the clip.

She has missed three days of work after her cancer surgery. She doesn’t look like she will make it back any time soon but hopefully will soon feel better. It’s not likely she’s working at home either.

She was struggling and bent over getting into the car. Time to retire!


The left isn’t taken it well. Reporter Roger Simon wishes we could all give up a day off our lives to give to her.

This response to reporter Simon was one of the better ones:

This was good too:

James Woods is right. Hopefully, she won’t let her law clerks drag this out. She should retire.

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