Ryan-McConnell Scheme to Pass Obama’s Agenda Again


House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have a scheme to pass the Obama agenda once again, leaving out all of the President’s agenda which they claimed to support.

Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz calls it an unconditional surrender, but it isn’t a surrender if they are dong what they want to do.

The plot by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell is being discussed in the swamp and it goes like this: they have deliberately made the spending bill an ’emergency’ and they will put it through funding Obama’s agenda and none of Trump’s, including the wall, calling it an emergency.  They will go to Democrats, hoping to garner enough votes to override Trump’s veto should he exercise that right. The have already begun to lie about preventing default to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people and create hysteria which the media will jump on. There is in fact no danger of default.

Whether it be cowardice or their beliefs or a combination, it is the reason they say little or nothing when: statues are torn down, 68 million of their voters are labeled racist, the President is ripped to shreds, trade bills take away jobs, unvetted illegals take Americans’ jobs or bring in drugs, spending continues off the charts, and more and more are put on the dole.

They now have a scheme to continue Barack Obama’s agenda

Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have no intention of fulfilling any of President Trump’s agenda, which they pretended was their agenda as well. They ran on it. People worrying about Trump being a Democrat, should have been more concerned about these two.

There is nothing honest or Conservative about either one of them. We’ve been snookered.

Look what happened this week alone. McConnell told Democrats earlier this week that they will fund their agenda.

“There is zero chance — no chance — we won’t raise the debt ceiling. No chance. America is not going to default, and we’ll get the job done in conjunction with the secretary of the Treasury.”

The default issue is a scare tactic and they know they are lying when they use it. We are not in danger of default by closing 17% of the bureaucracy. We have money to cover our bills without them. There is a more important issue and that is the fact that the so-called leaders signaled Democrats they would completely surrender and not use the one tool they have. Undoubtedly, Democrats have been told the same thing in private.

The Daily Caller reports that there is a plan “floating around Capitol Hill,” that seeks to circumvent the President and remove some of the limited tools he has for forcing his agenda items, such as the border wall, through the globalist controlled Congress.

Two highly experienced conservative strategists say McConnell and Ryan are plotting to pass legislation that would raise the debt ceiling and fully fund Obamacare subsidies through the 2018 election cycle.

It’s similar to the Ryan betrayal of 2015 when he gave Obama even more than he was demanding via the Omnibus spending.

Ryan was excused because he was new in the job though some pointed out that he not only accomplished nothing in the Senate in 17 years, but he is also married to a Progressive.

Ryan lied at the time and said there was nothing he could do. The last spending bill was more of the same. Now there is this new plot, which we believe is obviously correct.

The two bad Republicans are preparing a short-term spending bill, a continuing resolution, to fund the government through the middle of December, where once again they can exert the same threats of apocalyptic shutdowns with the deadline of Christmas break for lawmakers “forcing” them to commit exploitative acts against the American people.

They like to create an emergency situation that leaves them with no other choice.

They have already blamed Trump for any confusion or lack of budgetary preparedness, setting the stage for their deceit.

They blame chaos in the White House and Trump’s inexperience for their inability or deliberate caving on every single issue Republican voters care about.

This isn’t about Trump, it is about Republican voters. An attack on Trump is an attack on the very people who voted for him. We believe in Trump but he is isolated in the White House. The holdovers have stayed and the representatives of the American public are gone except for Stephen Miller.

Ryan and McConnell will come up with some excuse or they will say we should wait until next time or maybe they will claim to need more Republican senators. McConnell, inexplicably, won’t get rid of the filibuster rule that Democrats have promised to abolish when they are back in office.

There are two egregious aspects to the funding side of their scheme. First, no money will be included for President Trump’s, the American peoples’ border wall. Second, funding for the baby chop shop Planned Parenthood, will continue.

Ryan and McConnell will both betray the voters and go to his “fellow Democrats” for passage.

As the President said, raising the debt ceiling could have been easy but now it’s a mess.

It’s a mess because that is the way the two “leaders” want it. Both have long ceased being Republicans. Those two pretended they were negotiating with Democrats, but they were actually plotting to give away the store.

Ryan refused to attach the debt-ceiling increase to the Veteran’s Bill so they could surrender.

Expect more dead black and brown babies, more drug cartels and terrorists pouring in, more refugees who practice sharia, and Obamacare can continue collapsing while Trump is blamed for what Democrats did. Globalist Republicans, the evil Chamber of Commerce and the Democrat Socialists will get what they want. Americans who voted for Republicans will get nothing.

In an article this week, we played an audio of radio host Todd Herman who was once a digital tech at the RNC. He talks about how John Boehner and Mitch McConnell sent the word down on Obamacare – ‘let it pass’ they said. They threatened Republicans who didn’t and did indeed hold funds from those who used the issue to campaign on.

That was the rumor going around at the time and Mitch, a liar, denied it. Since then, Eric Cantor admitted they lied about ever wanting to repeal Obamacare.

Horowitz sees it as cowardice:

…Republicans, in their insular thinking and their broken political barometer, believe that Americans care about what the D.C. media cares about — a government shutdown — and that Democrats would always win a stare-down. It’s kind of like their fear of the monument issue, where every poll shows super-majority opposition to tearing down monuments, yet Republicans are running scared. It’s why they have no interest in fighting sanctuary cities, fighting for free market health care reform, reclaiming power from the courts, or pushing voter ID.

Take a look at what Paul Ryan said about a government shutdown:

“I don’t think a government shutdown is necessary and I don’t think most people want to see a government shutdown, ourselves included,”

Notice the difference in tone between GOP leaders and Chuck Schumer. Democrats will pound the lectern and declare their beliefs and assert their red lines on policy, even when they are extremely unpopular. Yet Republican leaders sound more like cable commentators opining on the state of play with a government shutdown, refusing to fight for their policies.

While he’s right to a degree, cowardice isn’t the problem. The problem is this what McConnell and Ryan want. This is who they are and they are doing exactly what they want to do as they please their donors.


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