Ryan’s Amnesty–No Enforcement Bill Goes Down in Flames


The Ryan amnesty bill went down in flames today as expected. The D.C. elites are out of touch with Americans. We don’t want all this amnesty, plus he added another 1.35 million foreign workers to the fraudulent H-2B visa program. That program has been used to sell U.S. citizenship.

The vote was 121 to 301, 72 fewer votes than the Goodlatte Bill, which was falsely depicted as “extreme”.

Via Numbers USA:

H.R. 6136 would have given permanent amnesty to at least 1.8 million illegal aliens with only promises of future enforcement. While the legislation did appropriate nearly $25 billion for border security, the funding could have been rescinded by a future Congress or President. In the event that the funding was rescinded, illegal aliens would still keep their legal status, they would just lose their special path to citizenship.

The bill also failed to fully satisfy Pres. Trump’s 4 immigration pillars by only ending some chain migration categories. The legislation would have left the parents category — the largest of the family chain categories — still in place. By leaving the category in place, illegal aliens who received the amnesty would be able to reward their parents with green cards once they became citizens.

This next assessment is totally accurate as we know from past history:

“This bill means more amnesty and less enforcement. It gives amnesty to millions and will lead to the widespread use of fraudulent documents to obtain amnesty. The bill also allows millions of illegal immigrants to stop their deportation simply by claiming they are eligible for amnesty,” Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), who opposed the bill, said in a statement following the vote. “And there is no guarantee that any border structure will be built. It’s amnesty today and border security sometime in the future, if then. The bill also omits workforce verification, which is the most effective tool to fight illegal immigration and save jobs for American workers.”

This is a message to Capitol Hill but they will not get it. They don’t care what the people want.

Thanks to contributor Jon Thompson

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5 years ago

Ryan is now a complete loser, it makes no sense to keep a loser on top 4 months before an election. His immigration bill, like his omnibus, are far left. He disrupted the House to pull this stunt to promote his personal agenda outside of a committee. That is how he paid back his party for tolerating him until January.

His actions here indicate 3 things:

(1) He wanted to satisfy his funders for his future lucrative career.
(2) He wanted to hurt the party, and Trump, in November.
(3) He wanted to leave as the Abe Lincoln of the illegals.

5 years ago

Hasn’t Ryan learned anything from his time in Congress. One would think after Eric Cantor’s loss that should have taught members of Congress a lesson. At that time it was a done deal, House and Senate, until that fateful day. We haven’t forgot how he basically conspired with Rep Luis Gutiérrez and now he’s back to the same old ways.