Sad conclusion to Flynn case! Judge takes the hardline & falsely berates his attorney


General Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to one count of false statements in the Mueller fiasco, and now he’s stuck with it. Judge Emmet Sullivan plans to sentence him on January 28th.

Flynn was set up by the Deep State but he admitted to lying twice. He retained Sidney Powell as his counsel, declared his innocence and alleged prosecutorial misconduct. He asked the court to dismiss the case based on the government’s bad behavior.

He let a motion to withdraw his guilty plea go by and waived his rights in connection with his guilty plea.

Judge Emmet Sullivan denied Flynn’s motions on Monday and slammed his attorney Sidney Powell. General Flynn is back where he was with his guilty pleas, ready to be sentenced by a judge with some questionable judgment.

Judge Emmet Sullivan


It’s almost as if the judge wanted to make an example of Flynn’s attorney.

The judge refused to let General Flynn out of his plea deal and then said that his lawyer is a plagiarist. He had no support for that attack.

Flynn wanted to get out of his guilty plea based on “new information of improper conduct by the FBI in its Russian investigation as well as exculpatory information regarding his guilt,” Jonathan Turley wrote on his website.

Professor Turley was unimpressed with Judge Sullivan’s unsupported and gratuitous slap at Sydney Powell.

Sullivan claimed she was unethical. He claimed she lifted a portion of the motion from someone else and wrote — LCrR 57.26. Rule8.4(c) provides that “[i]t is professional misconduct for a lawyer to . . . [e]ngage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Powell cited and had a hyperlink to the source of that material.

Powell says that “the plagiarism accusation makes no sense.” She maintains that she used her own prior briefings and a brief written by a friend who was in fact cited.

This is the bozo judge — a swamp critter — who will sentence the General this coming January 28th.

General Flynn really needs to be pardoned.


Sullivan rejected allegations that FBI agents who interviewed Flynn at the White House trapped him into making false statements or that the Justice Department had pressured him into entering a guilty plea. Flynn has said previously that he wasn’t forced into confessing guilt.

In his order, Flynn cited prosecutor Brandon Van Grack, formerly a member of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, as saying, “[B]y pleading guilty in this case [Mr. Flynn] agrees to waive certain rights afforded by the Constitution of the United States,” including the right “to challenge the admissibility of evidence offered against [him.],” Fox News reports.

Flynn’s guilty pleas, Sullivan wrote, “effectively bar him from raising claims based on any evidence obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment.” Even if Flynn had not waived his Fourth Amendment rights, Sullivan argued that Flynn still needed to “establish that the requested information is favorable” to his defense in order to obtain it — something he has “failed” to do, the judge said, according to Fox News.

How can a judge accept anyone forfeiting his or her constitutional rights??? That should never happen.

Judge Sullivan had suggested to Flynn that he withdraw his plea but he didn’t. Judge Sullivan notes in the opinion that General Flynn does not deny the falsity of his statements that formed the complaint against him. Sullivan says he should have gone for the trial, not dismissal.

This is tragic. Flynn was treated abysmally in what turned out to be a Trump-Russia hoax. It bankrupted him and destroyed his reputation. This is a man who served in wartime and devoted his life to this country and to the nation’s defense. The Deep State turned against him and through trickery, no matter what Judge Sullivan says, they got him.


In another case resulting from the Trump-Russia hoax, Rick Gates, a former Trump campaign official, was sentenced to 36 months probation, 45 days of weekend jail after he pled guilty last year to financial fraud and lying to investigators.

Gates received a light sentence for helping Mueller secure convictions of Michael Flynn, a man who served his country, and gadfly Roger Stone, an elderly man with a deaf wife.

Great work Mueller — you got a general and a political writer and spokesman for process crimes based on the word of a man who actually committed a crime of note.

Deep State is safe from accusations of misconduct which we know from the IG’s report did take place.


FLYNN RULING by Fox News on Scribd


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