Sadiq Khan’s disgusting welcome to London for the US President


Khan said London doesn’t want Trump and that may or may not be true but they don’t want him either. His favorability is at 32% and the President is polling 51% among Americans. Khan should figure out how to be a mayor and forget this Trump Derangement Syndrome. Khan is the man who shares the stage with terrorists. and backs up Louis Farrakhan.

Khan, who Trump described as half the size of de Blasio, another bad mayor, said in the next clip that the President is not welcome in London.

He added, “Only weak men fear strong women.” Truth is, the President hired a lot of women in his administration and in his organization while Little Khan is fearful of models in bikinis.

Khan is stirring up a lot of the protests and hate, beginning with his vile op-ed on the eve of the President’s visit. The President’s comments were only in response to Khan’s.

Khan didn’t get invited to the State dinner and he’s not happy.

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