Safe Embarcadero Alert! Rich Leftist NIMBYs Fight a Big Homeless Shelter


Earlier this month, Mayor London Breed announced plans for what many are calling a “Mega Shelter” on the Embarcadero waterfront in San Francisco. The proposed facility will contain up to 225 beds, nearly three times the size of other navigation centers in the city on a massive 25,000 square foot parking lot.

This is a case of wealthy leftists, who want shelters in the neighborhoods of the non-elites, are fighting the homeless shelter planned for their tony community. Even though they are wealthy, they want others to pay for their fight so they launched the GoFundMe.

This is a very serious case of NIMBYism.


The elites in Mission Bay don’t want a mega-shelter for the homeless near them. They call their effort, ‘Safe Embarcaderos for All,’ and they even have a fancy website and their own hashtag.

The NextDoor thread for the community business is getting quite nasty. In one instance, someone compares the placement of the Navigation Center in the neighborhood to putting cancer in a “healthy body”. In another, a resident solicits photos of neighborhood children “to give the report a human face.”

The NIMBYs are very serious about opposing this at fancy-schmancy Seawall, but they voted for it elsewhere! writes:

The top three concerns from residents were increases in drug use, trash and criminal activity. “The city certainly should be ramping up efforts to address homelessness and Navigation Centers is a terrific idea. That being said, placing a Center along the Embarcadero between Bryant and Brannan is certainly not the correct location. This is a densely populated residential area. Bringing in 175 – 225 homeless people – many of which are struggling with mental health issues and drug addiction is not the right thing to do.” said one San Francisco homeowner.

In other words, terrific idea — somewhere else. The powers-that-be will allow tents, drug users, pets, and it won’t be a pretty sight.

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