SAG Awards Are Now the Bash Trump Hysteria Awards


Beverly Hills objects to Trump. All illegal immigrants and refugees go to Beverly Hills where you will be greeted by the lala land people in their mansions. Camp out on their lawns and in their years. Heck, occupy their homes.

Hollywood narcissists lined up to give themselves awards last night, and they also lined up for a concert of Trump bashing, one after the other. The awards began with actress Alia Shawkat giving an Islamic greeting and then went right into the Trump Derangement hysteria.

The SAG awards is an opportunity for actors to give each other awards. It’s the biggest one-time collection of narcissists in the world.

It’s the new normal.

It began with the Golden Globes and they didn’t like the criticism so they are stepping it up. The Academy Awards will be even worse.

Sunday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards turned into a nonstop attack on President Donald Trump and his immigration orders. The orders mandate we follow immigration law and institute a 90-day hold on immigration from seven countries Barack Obama selected as “countries of concern”.

Hollywood not only believes they have they right to shove their collectivism down our throats, they feel it’s their obligation. Perhaps it’s our obligation to stop funding their lifestyles.

The awards are now, not only to pat each other on the back, but to get on political soapboxes as long as you are a leftist and agree with them. More right-leaning performers wouldn’t dare express their views. Their views only go one way — far-left.

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