Sally Yates Framed Mike Flynn, Get a Lawyer Sally

Nick Short tweeted some of the twenty pages of a confidential letter sent from Trump’s lawyers to Robert Mueller in January and leaked to the NY Times this weekend. The letter was intended to highlight the reasons Mueller did not need to subpoena President Trump.
One section in particular is very concerning.
In it, it quickly becomes clear that Sally Yates was told Michael Flynn did not lie and that was further confirmed by James Comey. Yet then-deputy attorney general Yates told the White House there were concerns that Flynn made false representations and would be subject to blackmail.

She also told the White House they could take action against Flynn and acknowledge he was surveilled. That also means there was likely no investigation as Flynn had said twice. In fact, he was told he would not be charged.

There was no reason to believe Flynn was guilty of anything or would be charged, yet Yates told the White House to take action.

  • Anybody remember the reason Trump gave for firing Flynn?

    He said that Flynn had lied to the FBI. The only reason he would have said that is Yates lying to him.

    And don’t forget, McCabe apparently altered the 302 forms (interview notes) of the FBI agents that interviewed Flynn.

    • Yes, you’re right but will any of these people be brought to justice? The fact that the IG report is delayed tells me the lawyers are cleansing it.

  • One of my favorite phrases, “Never get in a mud fight with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig loves it.”

    Pretty much the way of politics and the Deep State within the local, state, and national government.

    WASS-OYS (We Are So Screwed-Oh, Ye Suckers)

  • This is great reporting I have not seen anywhere else. I’m confused about the timeline. Was Yates the acting AG at the time? It seems that once Sessions betrayed the USA, and Rosenstein set up the illegitimate operaton, Yates went into full predator mode and cooperated with Mueller on victimizing Flynn.