Samantha Bee Calls Ivanka a “Feckless C***” But Let’s Get Roseanne


Ivanka Trump and Samantha Bee

Ivanka is a “feckless c***” and she should “put on something tight and low cut”, so says trashy Samantha Bee. Her audience roared with laughter because this is who and what the Democrats like representing them.

Fox News has the story.

Bee is referencing a beautiful photo Ivanka posted with her child and a NY Times news story which turned out to be fake. The Times showed in an article photos of children in cages, separated from their parents but the photos and policies were Obama-era. The left came out and torched Ivanka for posting a photo as if it were “insensitive.”

So-called ‘comic’ Samantha Bee wants to keep MS-13 and other criminal aliens in this country like most Democrats. For the most part, that’s who are being rounded up. She loves all illegal criminal aliens apparently and all illegals. Listen to her call the classy and beautiful Ivanka by this disgusting name over her insane desire to have open borders.

But let a Trump supporter — Roseanne –call a Marxist an ape while in an Ambien stupor without knowing the person is black. That person has to be destroyed. Roseanne is a wild card who says things without thinking but she has always been a liberal and very supportive of minorities. No one can convince me she’s a racist but her.

Bee on the other hand is hate-filled all the time.

Roseanne never should have said what she said but, if she is telling the truth, she was using the ape reference to indicate intelligence, not race. Certainly, there is nothing ape-like about Jarrett. She is pretty and elegant.

Bee doesn’t love people with brain cancer either. She mocked one man dying of brain cancer for having “Nazi hair”. It was “inadvertent” according to the media and her job is never in danger, but in Roseanne’s case, there can be no excuse.

Bee will never lose her show, but, rather, she will be applauded for her hateful comments.

Rosanne did apologize, but, of course, right-wing people can never be forgiven. They must be destroyed.

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