Samantha Bee’s Frightening Comments Reflect That of the New Dems


Ilhan Omar’s mugshot from 2013.

Full Frontal host, the unfunny Samantha Bee, portrayed Rep. Ilhan Omar as a victim after the representative was criticized for her anti-Semitic comments.

Omar is mainstreaming anti-semitism in the Democratic Party, under their ‘big tent’. Despite that, Bee decided to turn the tables on the controversy [which no one seems to care about any longer]. If this is what the Democrats stand for now, it’s frightening. Bee not only covered up Omar’s anti-semitism, but she also joined in. She said Omar’s remarks spark “long overdue” conversations.

The propagandized harangue in the clip below from ‘comedian’ Samantha Bee is frightening. She completely mischaracterizes Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments and makes her the victim.


Benjamins baby!

While Democrats protected Omar, Bee is angry about the little they did do in the way of criticizing Omar. Bee claimed the Democrats “threw her under the bus.”

They didn’t of course.

Bee isn’t sure if Omar meant anything by it when she said, “It’s all about the Benjamins baby.” Obviously, if Omar is using that expression, she knows exactly what it means — Ben Franklin is on the hundred dollar bill.

She whitewashed Omar’s comments about Jews having dual loyalty. Then she turned it into Trump — who has a Jewish family and is very supportive of Israel — is an anti-Jewish bigot.

Omar will learn how to be more duplicitous

“Ilhan Omar went from being a Somalian refugee to a fearless Congresswoman on the hill and has demonstrated that she is willing to learn,” Bee said. “She is part of a group of young progressives that is starting a lot of uncomfortable and overdue conversations on the left about climate change, and health care, and yes, Israel and Palestine. The Democrats need to let them have that conversation respectfully and not let Republicans drive the bus.”

KKK hater David Duke tweeted out in support of Omar’s comments. When is the representative from Minnesota going to be forced to renounce Duke?

Hypnotic Jews

Bee left out Omar’s original tweet saying, the Jewish State has “hypnotized the world.”

“Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel,” Omar said in 2012.

The nasty ‘comedian’ thinks that Omar’s an innocent, learning how to be a politician, and is starting “long overdue” conversations. If anti-Semitic and anti-Israel arguments are long overdue, we are in for bad times ahead.

Omar doesn’t like the Jewish lobby, the NRA lobby, and any lobby she disagrees with, but she loves the Hamas-linked lobby, CAIR.

This is a little off topic, but the hard left, like Bee, have even ruined comedy. Her ‘comic’ routines are pure political propaganda, badly disguised as comedy.


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