Samantha Power Invited Russian UN Ambassador to Thanksgiving Dinner


The ‘news’ story about Senator Jeff Sessions meeting with the Russian ambassador on two occasions (one was a 50+ ambassador gaggle arranged by Obama’s people) is a good example of fake news.

When the media is an arm of the Democrat Party, one can expect a lot of fake news stories like this.

It’s also a good example of how absolutely insane the Democrat leadership and their media are.

The only thing amazing about the fact that Sessions met with the Russian ambassador and didn’t think anything of it is that anyone would give this serious consideration. The meetings were so insignificant, Sessions didn’t recall them at the time he was asked about what he’d do if the Trump campaign had regular contact with Russians.

It is normal for politicians to meet with ambassadors form all over the world.

Since when are ambassadors not supposed to meet with congressmen and other officials? It is their job? Russian ambassador Kislyak’s been in his position since 2008 and his job requires him to seek out meetings with influential American politicians.

Do people expect him to sit in an office in the U.S. and not talk with any U.S. politicians? That would be strange, to the fact that there were meetings.

In February, Samantha Power referred to Russia’s UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin as her “friend”.

When I arrived in New York, my predecessor, Susan Rice, told me: “Invest in your relationship with Churkin. He will drive you crazy, but you will need each other.” Vitaly had been Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations for six years and a diplomat for nearly four decades. Because Russia holds one of five vetoes at the Security Council (allowing it to block any resolution it chooses), I needed Vitaly’s support to secure council condemnations, to send peacekeepers to conflict areas and to impose sanctions on rogue individuals and nations…

…I invited him and Irina to my parents’ home in Yonkers for Thanksgiving, making him the only United Nations colleague who ever entered my wild Irish family sanctum. And in one of our last one-on-one meetings, he brightened when I floated the possibility of our teaching a graduate school class together after his retirement, perhaps switching roles and each representing the other’s view.

Lock her up and Susan Rice too.

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with that, in fact, it’s clever, but if they want Sessions to resign for two irrelevant meetings, then lock all the Democrats up or make them all resign.

Senator Claire McCaskill didn’t remember her meeting with the Russian ambassador and her tweet saying she never met with him according to a NY Times report. When she admitted she had met with him, they took McCaskill out of the story.

Rush Limbaugh reported it on his show Friday and by 3:36, after his show, the NY Times issued a brief report with the factual information.

The NY Times is the anti-Trump fake news outlet.

Dianne Feinstein met with him. Force her to resign!

Pelosi’s answer to the next one was the Russian ambassador was incidental to the meeting and she didn’t meet with him privately.

What about John and Mrs. Kerry meeting with the Assad’s?

Or how about Pelosi’s meeting with Assad?

What is strange is that a number of Democrats met in secret with the Kizlyak to discuss the corrupt nuke deal.

That should be investigated.

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