Samantha Power Unmasked Trump Associates Almost Daily Last Year


Think about this one, won’t you. Samantha Power was the UN ambassador and had no legitimate reason that we know of to unmask Americans supporting Trump last year, during the campaign, but she did. Not only did she unmask hundreds, she did it on an almost daily basis.

Unmasking is meant for the intelligence community.

This is a major scandal. More than 260 requests to unmask were made by Power last year.

She tried to or succeeded in unmasking Trump associates days before the inauguration.

It is so obvious what is going on and this is incredible abuse. Wake up America.


  1. What is equally concerning is that those who had authority to grant the requests for unmasking granted them at all. There is little doubt that both sides were part of the Deep State/Obama Administration, colluding with each other to de-legitimize our duly elected President DONALD J. TRUMP.

    Samantha Power should be indicted.

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