Sam’s Club’s Racist CEO Has Sexist, Racist Hiring Policies But She’s Doing What Walmart Wants


Sam’s Club’s black, female CEO Rosalind Brewer told CNN’s Poppy Harlow that she was recently upset with a supplier whose executive team was comprised of all white males. She planned to meet with the supplier privately to complain because she likes to “nudge” them as well as her employees toward diversity.

She’s discriminating against federal law.

Brewer hires first by race and gender for diversity’s sake because she’s opposed to discrimination? She is discriminating against the most competent and talented by choosing according to race and gender. She’s proud of it!

Pro-diversity discrimination is okay to the left-wing.

HuffPo said the “white people are peeing in their pants” because Brewer articulated a “common sense” and “fairly popular view”. It’s not that popular. I doubt white men love it.

White men should do the same thing and only hire white men!!!

The Marxists believe it’s “fair” to hire according to their preferred groups instead of by talent, experience, and ability. That’s common sense?

Doug McMillan, Phony
Doug McMillon, Phony

Not wanting to deal with all white men is bigotry and she’s a racist.

Doug McMillon, the president, CEO of WalMart Stores Inc. which owns Sam’s Club, and he said the company supports Ms. Brewer. The company apparently routinely asks their suppliers “to prioritize the talent and diversity of their sales teams.”

“Roz [Brewer] was simply trying to reiterate that we believe diverse and inclusive teams make for a stronger business. That’s all there is to it and I support that important ideal,” McMillon added in the statement.

They are major hypocrites. These two are openly advocating racist and sexist hiring policies.

STHU Doug and Roz.



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  1. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

    I am so sorry Dr. King, your dream has been perverted by the CEO of Sam’s stores, Rosalind Brewer.
    I am sorry Martin lll, I am sorry Dexter, I am sorry Bernice and Yolanda, the four children of Dr. King. You still have to wait for that day.

  2. This is part of the Walmart philosophy which reinforces my plan never to waste my time and money shopping their facilities. Other policies of theirs that bolster my decision are: no discounts for seniors or vets and the totally tasteless policy which prevented a retired Marine NCO representing the Toys For Tots Program from stepping inside their mammoth facility in Medina, Ohio, to get out of the rain and cold for a moment or two. The fact that Walmart insists on stocking shelves and clogging up the aisles during peak hours is another annoyance. These stock crews usually are being instructed by loud-mouthed, rude associates. All this pretty much sums up my level of respect for Walmart. Won’t be seeing you there in the future.

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