San Diego Parents Win Landmark Battle with CAIR Thought Impossible


In a landmark case, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been forced out of the San Diego Unified School District. San Diego was meant to be a forerunner to forcing it into all schools.

lawsuit was brought against the district for partnering with CAIR and allowing the Islamist organization to run a discriminatory, unconstitutional propaganda program in its schools.

The court agreed.

The program in question gave Muslim students special privileges and gave CAIR the power to change the district curriculum to make sure Islam was looked upon more favorably.

Students and parents were made to watch biased videos.

The program began in April 2017, to confront “Islamophobic” bullying, of which there was none.

The court ruled that the program was unconstitutional because it violated the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause by favoring one religious group over another and mixing government with religion.



We already reported CAIR is teaching Islam in the San Diego Unified School District more than once. The school board has also ordered the restorative justice approach (anarcho-communism)*. The problem is heating up among community members who are aware of CAIR’s terror-tied roots.

This parent is wearing a big cross like the knights of old:

There fight was indeed a fight against Sharia Law being forced into schools on the lie that it is anti-bullying instruction.

The school board leaders are far-left and they were paying CAIR, a terror-tied organization, to teach about ISLAM.

Listen to the community speak in this video. It is VERY enlightening. As one father leaves, one leftist calls him a bigot for not wanting a terror-tied organization teaching Islam to his children. These parents are intelligent and do not sound like bigots. The board members, on the other hand, are arrogant, dismissive and very far left.

CAIR, an arm of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, is doing this all over the country.




  1. Theres no room for Muslims demanding in our education which were based on Christian values.they can go back where they belong if they can not stand to educate their children in Christian schools.

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