San Fran Averages 78 Poop in the Street Calls a Day, Others in the Transit System


San Francisco has been working on their homeless problem and have succeeded in cutting the tent encampments in half by offering shelter to the drug addicts, mentally ill, and others lining the streets. The behavior of the homeless hasn’t improved, however.


The San Francisco Chronicle reports that they are averaging about 78 poop in the street calls a day. There are about 45 syringes in the street calls a day. There are more on the trains.

The transit system is littered with syringes, poop, blood, urine, and so on.

Since April janitors have cleaned up more than 13,000 dirty needles left behind at the Civic Center and Powell Street stations.

BART’s chief mechanical safety Officer David Hardt said they’ve logged from 70 to 100 reports of mostly urine, feces and blood on the transit agency’s mobile phone biohazard reporting site since June.

The city is a sanctuary for illegals and they protect criminals while welcoming drug addicts, mentally ill, and others. This is what Democrats want for the country. It could legitimately be called a “s***hole”.

Keep in mind, the important thing is they’ve made it harder to get straws.

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Judith Sheehan
Judith Sheehan
4 years ago

Was nice. Now a shit hole

herbert r richmond
4 years ago

An anything goes mentality, values free, moral relativity, ends up being a public hazard.