San Juan Mayor Stands in Front of Tons of Aid As She Says PR’s Not Getting Aid


San Juan Mayor Carmen Cruz is a longtime hater of Donald Trump and is exploiting the Puerto Rico tragedy to demonize him. The President did everything he could prior to Hurricane Maria and has sent shiploads of aid since. He has recently appointed a one-star general to oversea relief efforts.

Much of the island territory is hard to access, roads have been washed away and many are not showing up to work, including police, drivers and others who could assist. Hardcore Democrat union workers are refusing to come to work as they choose to work on their own homes and allegedly they want to get even with the Governor over a law he signed a few weeks before.

Click for the video of the Teamster head who the reporter said admits they are sabotaging the Governor. It’s in Spanish and we can’t verify this weekend.

This is not the President’s fault in any case.

The media in the US and in PR want to make it into Katrina no matter want he does. One of the never Trumpers in PR is the San Juan mayor. As she stood before pallets of aid, the Mayor Carmen Yuliz Cruz Soto railed against President Trump on Friday.

She said, “I’m mad as hell because my people’s lives are at stake… We are dying, and you are killing us with inefficiency”. She means Trump.

How are we to blame for people not showing up to pick up the aid or for their roads being washed out? It takes time to fix roads. Only 20% of the drivers showed up for work. There is also a diesel shortage our President is doing his best to rectify. The island was decimated. Contracting drivers is difficult because the cell towers are down.

As Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House press secretary said: “I believe one person is in charge of different parts of the process. The governor is still the governor of Puerto Rico. We’re continuing to work with him, be in constant contact.”

She continued: “And we have one person in charge of the federal component of that. And that would the one-star general around working with state officials.”

Governor Ricardo Rossello said: And “I want to clarify these two points that sometimes seem contradictory. Number one, we do need more aid. But the president and the administration have done everything that they can, that we have asked them to do.”

Ms. Cruz just hates Trump.

The media is doing their best to condemn the President and make it into an indictment against him, ignoring the reality as much as possible. Trump has been on a twitter storm and has criticized the San Juan mayor. The media has taken the side of the San Juan mayor and anyone who will condemn President Trump.

There are many more tweets than these below. It’s the only way Trump can get the truth out.




  1. I saw this and thought what? meanwhile The Governor of Puerto Rico has said the administration has answered and has complied with our petitions in an expedited manner.”

  2. All this in front of pallets of food. Let’s see, we have an island that has been decimated with roads washed out, phone/power lines destroyed and folks that no one has been able to reach some of your people. Main land states were able to get supplies stored and stocked in places outside of the reach of the hurricanes. Not able to stock needed supplies anywhere near your island. Where are your own drivers that might be helpful in getting the aid you are crying about?

  3. I worked with some Puerto Ricans and they are the laziest people I’ve ever worked with. They sort of did their job, but nothing more. If they didn’t finish or bitched enough, the boss would assign one of us to help out. So, yeah, I can see why PR is having such a hard time getting supplies, etc to others. If they rely on their citizens to do it, it won’t get done. Another Katrina.

  4. OMG, THAT WAS HYSTERICAL. As the mayor spoke, I could not help but be transfixed on the sky high pallets of goods behind her!
    Our president did an amazing, outstanding job with Texas and Louisiana, better than ever before and still the MSM had not a single kind word for him. They did, however, find time to criticize Melania’s shoes..
    There are bound to be far more complicated issues on an island. And thanks to many years of overt corruption, it is not as though they kept themselves in tip top shape. Regardless what President Trump does, those suffering from TDS are going to find a way to disdain him. There is no cure for TDR, Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  5. I wonder how much of the supplies for her “people” she has stolen and warehoused for herself…
    Hey so called news agencies why not check into that…
    Libertards smh

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