Sanctuary City Illegal Deported 15 Times Crashes Into a Car And a 6-Year Old


Six Year Old Lennox

People who want to keep criminal and drunk driving illegal aliens in this country or in the sanctuary cities should consider how they would feel if this was their child.

Last Saturday night, a 6-year-old boy in the sanctuary city of San Ysidro, CA, suffered a horrible head injury after an alleged hit-and-run from an allegedly drunk illegal immigrant who had been deported 15 times.

Constantino Banda-Acosta of Mexico allegedly ran a stop sign and crashed into the car. He then left the scene of the accident but was caught.

There is no photo of the man in this sanctuary city court because the judge felt the need to protect him.

The family set up a GoFundMe account for 6-year old Lennox. On the page, Lennox’s aunt described his ordeal:

Lennox sustained an open skull fracture with the location being slightly above his left eye. He had initial surgery to repair the outside wound over the left eyebrow area, which took about 6 stitches. He later had another surgery which involved opening the scalp at the hairline, peeling it off the skull to expose the damage, irrigating the area (which flushed out some small piece of bone but no debris). Then they positioned the depressed bone and stitched him back up.

It’s doubtful that the left cares about he victim. They care about foreigners and criminals.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Banda-Acosta, 38, was last deported Jan. 18, with at least 14 prior cases since 2002, according to federal authorities.

Banda-Acosta was arrested about half an hour after the accident; his blood alcohol was reportedly twice the legal limit.

A single DUI should be cause for deportation of an illegal alien.

This immigration problem is a systemic problem caused by Kamikaze Republicans and open borders Democrats.

Lennox’s father said he never gave illegal immigration much thought because it didn’t affect him but now he sees the need to deport these people.

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