Sanctuary City Mayor Orders Security Fence, For His House


Big Apple, and sanctuary city mayor, Bill de Blasio, demanded a security fence be built….around his house. That’s not all. The guy completely “cool” with non enforcement of immigration laws seems equally at ease with breaking rules that apply to erecting a brand new, unsightly, 10 foot, plastic wall bordering his majesty’s mayoral residence.

Apparently troubled by the audacity of some friendly commoner calling out to him, “Hi, Mr. Mayor!”, Billy “D” moved a bit too quickly to improve his personal comfort level. Rather than pass paperwork through proper channels, this progressive champion of government bureaucracy, bypassed all those headaches and watched his privacy/security barricade quickly rise. Never mind getting the necessary approvals from the city’s Design Commission or permits from the Building Department. That bother, and the resulting heavy fines for those who ignore those steps, are for ordinary people.

This behavior is just the latest in a series of actions that have separated New York City’s mayor from his “man of the people” image. Here are a couple of others. After de Blasio moved into tax payer provided Gracie Mansion, he went full capitalist/landlord by renting out the family’s three bedroom brownstone in Brooklyn for $4,975 a month. Also, since settling into “the people’s house” de Blasio has squashed any of the public tours that were common place under previous mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg.


Hmmm. New York City’s progressive leader lives rent-free on the people’s dime, but grabs almost $60K from a family paying for his place in Brooklyn. Wouldn’t you think, under the circumstances and in the interest of that fairness he’s always lecturing about, Bill would offer the digs to some penniless folks down on their luck? And given his willingness to have the nation accept, generously care for, and even keep undocumented visitors, you’d think he’d be happy to welcome home grown tourists paying 7 bucks a pop to spend 45 minutes in the historic, Upper East Side mansion. It’s not like they’ll be tough to find and remove or anything like that.

It appears the king of the “sanctuary city mayors” will take his leisure, removed from the unwashed masses, nestled securely behind his illegally constructed wall.   Security fences for he, but not for…. “we the people”. Dial up the hypocrisy meter.