Sanctuary City Officials Angry Over Deportation of Criminal Illegal Aliens


file photo of criminal illegal alien gang members.
file photo of criminal illegal alien gang members.

The following story in the Boston Globe demonstrates what a sanctuary city actually means. It means no borders, illegal aliens are immigrants, and police are too effective in helping ICE deport so they must be taken out of the mix.

How Newspapers Change the Way We Think About Sanctuary Cities

The misleading title of a Boston Globe article Monday reads, Despite Trust Act, Boston police handed over immigrants for deportation. The Trust Act disallows police from handing illegal aliens over to police. Boston is a sanctuary city.

The subtitle of the article refers to the illegal aliens as “immigrants” and mentions a “loophole” that allows police to turn over “nine men”. Their criminal background is not in the title or the subtitle. They’re setting the reader up.

Boston’s Trust Act — designed to reassure immigrants that city police would not help deport them — has a loophole that was used to turn over nine men to federal immigration officials, city records show.

The Boston Globe, an arm of the Democrat Party, wants the reader to believe it is a violation of trust for police to be involved in handing over illegal aliens to ICE, even criminal illegal aliens.

After this introduction, they inform the reader the men have “serious criminal histories” but that’s “according to police”.  The real worry is not that criminal aliens are roaming the city but that police could use the “loophole” in the “Trust” Act to deport any “immigrant” for “so much as a traffic violation”.

Hello, they don’t belong here, period.

“If President-elect Donald Trump follows through on his promise to expand deportations”, the article says “undocumented families” are in jeopardy.

Trump hopes to defund sanctuary cities and that worries the leftist officials in sanctuary cities.

Sanctuary Cities Are For Illegal Aliens Only

The Trust Act forbids police from detaining immigrants for ICE after a judge has ordered them released. But police said the act does not ban turning immigrants over to ICE while they are still trying to make bail. That’s the “loophole”.

The nine included an Algerian man with a felony conviction for swinging a hammer at a South Boston bar owner; a Dominican man who returned to the United States illegally after being deported four times and is now in federal prison; and a citizen of Vietnam with assault convictions who has more recently been the scourge of Macy’s in Downtown Crossing, pilfering hundreds of dollars in watches, clothing, and hats from the store.

Advocates for immigrants said the Trust Act intended for police to turn over immigrants to ICE only if the federal agency wanted them for another crime. Therefore, the swinging of hammers at people and stealing are irrelevant to these leftists. Trust is only for illegal aliens.

The only concern the advocates have is for the illegal aliens, including criminal illegal aliens.

Boston Will Make Their Sanctuary City More Protective of Criminals

A city councilor, Josh Zakim, who initiated the act, wants to close the “loophole”. He wants ICE to present a criminal warrant for another crime before they turn over their criminal illegal aliens.

The sanctuary city officials are in clear violation of federal law. Their Trust Act is illegal and it endangers Americans.

Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, said requiring a criminal warrant from ICE to deport someone is “like demanding that ICE produce a blue-and-pink-striped unicorn on a silver platter.”

“They know it doesn’t exist,” said Vaughan, who favors limits on immigration. “It’s to provide some cover to them, and allow them to pretend it’s about constitutional rights for detainees when it’s in fact about making it more difficult for ICE to do its job.”

“ICE has resources and it can pick up the people that it prioritizes,” said Laura Rótolo, staff counsel for the [unAmerican] American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts.

They truly don’t.

ICE rarely issues a criminal warrant for a criminal illegal alien’s arrest  because deportation cases are civil.

Sanctuary cities endanger the entire country because these criminal aliens are not contained and can travel to other cities and towns. This is why Kate Steinle is dead a little 13-year old girl was raped on a bus in Kansas.

Finally, police are effective in helping ICE constrain illegal immigration which is exactly why the leftists in a sanctuary city don’t want them involved. Keeping illegal immigration as a civil crime is idiotic in this dangerous world.


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