Sanctuary City Sues Trump Over Welfare for “Public Charge” Immigrants


Update: evil WaPo removed the ‘public safety’ tag without any fanfare, but they’re still evil. We know who they are.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the crime-ridden city sanctuary city of Baltimore sued the Trump administration for penalizing potential immigrants and their families when deciding to issue visas. They don’t want officials to reject visas for immigrants’ family members because they might become “public charges”.

Democrats want sanctuary cities, no wall, no additional border agents, no ICE, no deportation, no detention, and they want free college, health benefits, food, housing and welfare for illegal aliens. But, whatever you do, don’t even suggest they want open borders and don’t want to secure the borders. They want it both ways.

Now we have some Democrats in Baltimore, the same ones who ruined the city, who want to keep their illegal aliens and they want them to keep their benefits.

Every policy Democrats have is harmful to the makeup of this country and all that made it great.

The State Department changed the rules in January in a way Baltimore officials say deters city residents from claiming benefits they’re allegedly entitled to — such as food stamps, housing vouchers and Medicaid — for fear of making it harder for their relatives to get visas to come to the U.S.

The foreigners who are here illegally are not ENTITLED to our tax dollars but don’t tell the Baltimore officials that. They also want to keep the chain migration going.


City Solicitor Andre Davis said that as far as he knows, the case in U.S. District Court in Maryland is the first of its kind to be filed.

“The administration has expressly recognized that altering the meaning of public charge threatens to deter immigrants, millions of whom are lawfully present in the United States or are naturalized citizens, from obtaining food, housing, medical care, and other necessities for which they and their families are indisputably eligible through public program,” Davis said in an email.

What they are worried about is a change that allows American diplomats to consider whether someone will likely become a “public charge” before granting them a visa. That is, if they rely on cash benefits or long-term care from the government, they can be rejected.

Democrats like welfare recipients. They need that dependent underclass. They’re also great at creating entitled people.

The President wants to consider a similar change for DHS, the people who settle immigration issues.

Baltimore is welcoming, you know, except when they are robbing taxpayers.

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