Santa Monica Gunman Has Mid-Eastern Name



Photo of 24-year old John Zawahri

The Santa Monica gunman whose name was held back by the police has a mid-Eastern name – John Zawahri. He allegedly killed his father and brother in their home.

Samir Zawahri, 55, the owner of the house and the father of the alleged gunman, and one of his adult sons were killed and the house set on fire.

John Zawahri was allegedly upset over his parents’ divorce. Reports state that he had a history of mental issues.

After he killed his father and brother, he hijacked a car. Before getting into the hijacked car, he shot and wounded the driver of another car who didn’t move away fast enough. He demanded that the driver of the hijacked car take him to the college.

As they drove, he fired several shots around the neighborhood. He shot at a bus and one woman sitting in the back was grazed in the head. When they approached the school parking lot, he shot two people sitting in a car, killing one and seriously injuring another.

Police intercepted him and shots were exchanged. Zawahri ran towards the school library. He shot and killed a woman coming out of the library. The gunman ran into the library where he accosted several students. The police intercepted him, shot him and took him out to the street where he died.

Neighbors described Zawahri as a very angry man. Screaming and cursing could often be heard inside the house.

Full story at the LA Times



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