Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says DACA Is Not Amnesty, Rep. King Trashes That Idea


Sarah Huckabee Sanders said DACA is not amnesty. Many would disagree. Rep. King took the issue up on Fox News this week.

Rep Steve King opposes amnesty for illegal aliens, including DACA.

He says no amnesty is acceptable — let DACAs stay in the shadows for now.

King understands the President’s original statements and his statements now: “His heart kind of overruled his campaign promises and he served up DACA to Congress and threw it out and said ‘Well I’m going to keep my campaign promise this way, eight months late with a six month delay.’” He equates tossing it to Congress in this manner to throwing a cat into a dog kennel.

King rebuts MacCallum’s defense of DACA in the video. Suddenly the White House is starting with amnesty and it doesn’t even include the border wall, or at least the Democrats have refused, as have some Republicans, and President Trump appears to be ready to go with them.

King knows that the sellout establishment RINOs and Democrats want open borders and they want amnesty. They will also destroy Trump if they can. Remember, the only one who can destroy Trump is Trump himself. Right now, he is surrounded by sellouts, Democrats, RINOs and a couple real Republicans.

RINOs and Democrats will never ever agree to the wall. The $1.6 billion in the current spending bill will pay for little, mostly repairs. There is nothing for increased law enforcement and other security measures in the bill. It’s another trick.

MacCallum asked King what he would do with DACA “kids”, many of whom are now middle-aged or approaching it.

He says, “They came here to live in the shadows. That was the objective of the crime in the first place was to live in the shadows. So it’s not inhumane to allow that to continue until we restore the respect for the rule of law in America.”

It is their parents who are responsible, not Americans, and if we okay this, more will come. We learned that with the many past amnesty deals.

Shortly after the announcement by Schumer and Pelosi that they had gotten everything they wanted in amnesty concessions in their dinnertime deal with President Trump and that it was now just a matter of putting it on paper and having the vote, Sarah Huckabee Sanders issued an early correction.

It is important to note that no country in the world, outside of the United States, allows children of people here illegally to remain in the country.

Deferred Action is considered by some to be a euphemism for amnesty. DACA get preferential treatment because their parents broke the law.

We will have to see what the White House comes up with but they might well develop a plan that will wither away at Trump’s base.

Follow the law and show respect for the law. Don’t adjust the law to accommodate lawbreakers, thus rewarding them.

President Trump appeared to be willing to sign up for DACA amnesty after a dinner meeting with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi with the wall and other security measures coming later.

However, he clarified and said that the wall will not “come later”.

The day before the Pelosi-Schumer-Trump dinner, Mark Short, a White House hack, said DACA will come first with no wall. It sounds like Short and the Democrats are on the same page.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders also changed the message and tweeted on September 13th,  “While DACA and border security were both discussed, excluding the wall was certainly not agreed to.”

Sarah Sanders has since said that the deal has to include “massive border security”, and what that means in terms of the wall, we can’t say. She does mention an “end to sanctuary cities, expedited removal, more immigration judges, and supporting things like the Raise Act.”

As an aside, a federal judge and attorneys general are telling the Trump administration he can’t deprive these unconstitutional, lawless sanctuary cities of federal tax dollars. How ironic that courts and top law enforcement officers are demanding rogue cities be allowed to break the law and receive funding for it, but, then again, they are lawless also.

Why aren’t these mayors and police chiefs being arrested and prosecuted?

Also, quite ironic, a rogue federal judge might not let Trump end DACA though that judge has no constitutional right to overstep the President on this issue.

Gregg Jarrett recommended arresting these mayors and police chiefs in an appearance on Lou Dobbs’ program. It would end it. They could add rogue judges to it or at least take their positions away.

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