Sarah Palin for VA Secretary? She Would Drive the Left Wild


Sarah Palin is under consideration for secretary of veterans affairs, a close Palin aide and a top Donald Trump transition official tell ABC News.

Sarah Palin is a sincere and caring person who was continually blasted by the left, mostly unfairly.  They not only ridiculed her, they mocked her family, even her little Down Syndrome child. They lambasted her for not aborting her handicapped baby.


The Palin aide tells ABC News that in “recent days,” Palin told Trump transition officials: “I feel as though the megaphone I have been provided can be used in a productive and positive way to help those desperately in need.”

The VA is the largest government agency with over 300,000 federal employees and a budget of $182 billion for 2017.

Palin’s son-in-law, Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, posted a SarahPAC video to his Facebook page earlier this week that heavily focuses on her work with veterans and her specific connection to the community. Her eldest son, Track, is a veteran who served in Iraq in 2008. The video, which is not new, seems to clearly show her interest in the position, and in the speech, she hits the VA “bureaucracy,” saying it is “killing our vets.”

Think about it. Who wouldn’t trust our veterans to Sarah Palin. Her son Track reportedly, unofficially, has PTSD.

She wants vets to be first in line, in front of illegal aliens. Let them have vouchers when they can’t get help at the VA.

Listen to her and see what you think. One thing is for certain, the leftists will be sick over this. They marked her for extinction. The thing about Sarah is she appears to care, really care.


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