Saturday’s Portland Protests Might Become Very Violent


Antifa will counter the rally by the Patriot Prayer group today in Portland and they are promising violence. The Prayer group comes prepared. Police are understaffed and the mayor orders them to not enter the fray.

Defending Antifa

The woman in this first clip is defending Antifa attacking a peaceful rally and is obviously an Antifa member herself. The opposing group is called Patriot Prayer. They don’t appear to be Nazis or any of the things Antifa claims. In any case, Antifa should never be defended, but you won’t hear a word against them from the Democrats. They are Democrat brown shirts.

The Rally Today Has the Potential for Extreme Violence

This flyer is spouting a complete lie. The Patriot Prayer group never attacks minorities. Some of their members and their leader are minorities.

Andy Ngo is very concerned about violence at today’s rally and counter-protest. He says the rallies are getting more and more dangerous.


Following is footage of the Antifa attack on the ICE facility on July 13 by armed Antifa thug Willem Van Spronsen. He was killed by law enforcement after he attacked the Tacoma ICE Detention facility with incendiary devices.

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