Saudi Arabia Is Terrified of Iran Nuke Deal, Distrusts the U.S.



If the horrendous nuke deal goes through with Iran, Saudi Arabia will go nuclear as well. That’s the word according to reporting by the Wall Street Journal.

The Saudis have apparently seen the deal or part of it and they believe the Iranians will get a $100 billion and a nuclear weapon in ten years at the latest.

If this happens, Saudi Arabia has promised that a nuclear arms race will begin.

A 10-year “curb” on Iranian development of nuclear weapons is meaningless because there is no reason to believe the Iranians will somehow become “responsible” in ten years.

“We prefer a region without nuclear weapons. But if Iran does it, nothing can prevent us from doing it too, not even the international community,” said Abdullah al Askar, a member and former chairman of the foreign affairs committee of Saudi Arabia’s advisory legislature.

Egypt and Turkey will likely follow suit.

The Saudis are terrified of the nuke deal.

A $100 billion in sanctions relief in overseas assets is going to happen and it will tilt the balance of power in the region.

Saudis no longer trust the U.S. and it is the U.S. that supposedly protects the Gulf. In that, they are wise. No one should trust this administration.

The Obama administration still – remarkably – believes that the deal will somehow make further development of nuclear weapons in the region unnecessary. He believes this even in the face of other nations stating quite emphatically or hinting that if the deal goes through, they will go nuclear.

The Saudis say that whatever Iran gets, they must also get.

While this is going on, our senate is preparing to sign away their rights to approval of all treaties with a 67-vote majority. The Corker-Menendez bill recognizes Obama’s right to call a treaty an agreement so he can circumvent Congress. Instead of getting to approve what is obviously a treaty, they will simply get to look at it. They are the peoples’ only representatives in government.



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