Say What? Rosenstein Asked 93 Attorneys for Help with Judge Kavanagh’s Papers


In what the New York Times described as an “unusual” move, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein emailed ninety-three U.S. attorneys requesting help with Judge Brett Kavanagh’s papers.

The New York Times reported that Rosenstein asked for help reviewing the government documents of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

The Times wrote that the “request was an unusual insertion of politics into federal law enforcement. While the Justice Department has helped work on previous Supreme Court nominations, department lawyers in Washington typically carry out that task, not prosecutors who pursue criminal investigations nationwide.”

Why is he involved and why is he politicizing this? Why is he investigating the judge? Where the hay is Jeff Sessions? Is he alive?

Before anyone gets too alarmed, it’s very possible this is more New York Times fake news.

Lou Dobbs believes Rosenstein is “slow rolling” and “politicizing” Kavangh’s confirmation.

  • RR is creating a witch hunt against Kavanaugh. It’s another betrayal by Sessions. A decent person would never do the things Sessions has done.

    Notice that loudmouth Gowdy made a lot of noise recently as part of his performances, but this dirty stuff going on behind the scenes continues unabated. Gowdy is merely a purposeful distraction.