SB 1070 Given the Go-Ahead in Arizona


A Federal judge Okayed the section of Arizona immigration law [SB1070] which allows police to question the status of suspected illegals.

Ten thousand illegal people are coming across our borders each day, many will go on welfare, food stamps and Medicaid. Some will commit crimes and some will be terrorists as Janet Napolitano admitted. There are no controls over who is coming in, none whatsoever.

The federal government will do nothing about this problem which is why Arizona passed their own law, SB 1070, something the open borders crowd is vehemently opposed to.

The Obama administration is opposed to SB1070 and has been suing Arizona.

Yesterday, a U.S. District Judge, Susan Bolton, ruled that Arizona authorities can enforce the “show me your papers” provision. Police can now, while enforcing the law, question the immigration status of those they suspect are in the country illegally. The Obama administration says this is racial profiling.

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld this decision in June and the Obama administration lost on this but won on the section that said local police could not detain anyone on an immigration violation unless federal immigration officials agree. The Obama Administration wants a complete sweep and appealed the law.

Gov. Jan Brewer asked Judge Bolton to let the law go through because opponents were merely speculating that racial profiling would occur. Lawyers for Brewer also said that her officers receive the highest training to avoid discriminatory practices.

Bolton ruled that the provision of the SCOTUS cannot be challenged further on its face before the law takes effect but it might be challenged as unconstitutional on other grounds.

The lawsuits by our government against our states will never end and this will be appealed on new grounds by Obama.

Bolton had put a hold on the law because she believed at the time the Obama Administration would likely succeed.

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