Scaramucci Turns on the President After He Hurt Mooch’s Feelings


Anthony Scaramucci, aka The Mooch, was a White House employee for 11 days until he went off on a crazed rant in a phone call with a New Yorker writer. He now makes a living going on talk shows talking about the President, trashing him here-and-there. Mooch thinks because he also compliments President Trump, it’s okay.

Depending on the network he’s on, the Mooch changes his opinions. Recently, he said Trump’s tweets are racist and his aides are afraid to tell him the truth about them.

They are not racist and it’s despicable of him to say they are.

The President slammed him Sunday and the Mooch slammed back, turning on him. If the Mooch had core beliefs, he would stop what he’s doing.

President Trump had enough of Mooch’s subtle and not-so-subtle digs on various TV shows. What the President wrote criticizing Mooch isn’t that bad considering what Mooch has said but you would think the President went off the deep end from the media coverage.

Hopefully, this will be the end of the Mooch’s TV appearances although he might be in demand on CNN and MSNBC.

The Mooch put up the cartoon below. Mooch was fired after he embarrassed the President with his outrageous behavior in a phone call rant with a writer for the New Yorker, Ryan Lizza and earned his dismissal. The President had no choice, and should never have hired him.


Scaramucci shocked many in July 2017 with his crazed profanity-laced tirade in an interview with NY Mag’s Ryan Lizza. In the interview,  Mooch ripped into Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus, and he did it viciously. He said he was going to fire everyone in the comms department.

Mooch also said the reporter knew his comments were off the record and he’d “never trust a reporter again”. He did not, however, deny his comments.

Ryan Lizza had it all on tape.

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