Scarborough Trashed for His Vile 9/11 Op-Ed, Blames Trump Supporters


In July 2017, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough wrote about his decision to leave the Republican Party in an op-ed in The Washington Post, calling the GOP a “dying party that [he] can no longer defend.” It likely had more to do with his affair with far-left Mika.

Today, he decided to honor 9/11 victims by saying, “Trump is damaging the dream of America more than any terrorist attack ever could”. He was promoting a column he wrote one day before the 17th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people, Fox News reported.

This author lost people on 9/11 and he can go to Hell. He’s gone off the deep end.

The worthless host of Morning Joe wrote:

“Sixteen years of strategic missteps have been followed by the maniacal moves of a man who has savaged America’s vital alliances, provided comfort to hostile foreign powers, attacked our intelligence and military communities, and lent a sympathetic ear to neo-Nazis and white supremacists across the globe,” Scarborough wrote. “For those of us still believing that Islamic extremists hate America because of the freedoms we guarantee to all people, the gravest threat Trump poses to our national security is the damage done daily to America’s image.”

Aside from the fact that it’s all lies, how dare he put out this codswallop and compare it to the deaths of all those innocent people. Can you imagine hating so much that you would exploit the deaths of nearly 3,000 innocent people at the hands of terrorists?

The loser concluded his column by writing, “The question for voters this fall is whether their country will move beyond this troubled chapter in history or whether they will continue supporting a politician who has done more damage to the dream of America than any foreign adversary ever could.”


The jerk then walked it back by blaming Trump supporters!

Scarborough was completely trashed on twitter



  1. – Joe Scarborough , Im a Vietnam Vet and I didnt fight in that war for you or people like you . You are a scum bag that has no right to even be in this country . Your hate for the President shows your true hate for America. .

  2. Went from a inconsequential congressman, to a Donald Trump boot-licker, to a hate filled never-Trumper. Now suffering from a total absence of intellect.

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