Scary Immigration Report, These Aren’t Hispanic Landscapers


Contributor to this article James Soviero

Bangladesh is a center of global terrorism in Asia and ISIS is very active in the impoverished Muslim country. That brings us to the scary immigration report. Bangladeshis are pouring into the United States illegally. One hundred were recently caught for a total of 622 this year. Those are the ones we catch. There are others we don’t catch.

Twenty were caught just a few weeks before.

The numbers represent a 244 percent increase, Breitbart reports.


Laredo Sector acting Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens previously told Breitbart Texas that the Laredo Sector is targeted because of the lack of a physical border barrier. He said his sector has more than 170 miles of unprotected river border without fencing or walls.

He said that the Mexican cartel known as Los Zetas chooses when and where migrants will cross the border and that the Bangladeshis, mostly young men between the ages of 18 and 35, pay up to $27,000 each to be smuggled into the U.S.

Where do so-called impoverished young men get $27,000 apiece and why? From Iran perhaps since they say they are setting up terror cells throughout the United States? Some terror group is likely funding them.

If these people are terrorists, thank a Democrat. They insist on open borders and won’t build the wall. We’re cruising for a horrific terror attack.

“They are not trying to hide or escape,” the chief said about the Bangladeshis. “They walk right up to an agent and claim ‘credible fear.’”

These people aren’t Hispanic housekeepers and landscapers. They are heavily-funded young men of fighting age.

Bangladeshis are causing mayhem in the EU.

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Patricia Cobarruviaz
Patricia Cobarruviaz
3 years ago

Is dr jasvir Singh sidhu one, cause he trafficis, hacks, major dorm rooms , and malpractices. Sends son to rittle with bff’s and hitsclan.

3 years ago

Wow! 170 miles is too big for border control to guard without a barrier! The fools who say we don’t need a wall should be forced to spend some time where they cross. They might start singing a different tune! 600 @ $27,000 a pop, how do they pay it back? What if they don’t do what they should? Kill their family members back in Bangladesh? Did you see a post of illegals crossing for 25 minutes? It was all recorded for you to see! Look at the Los Vegas shooting, it was a cover up by our government (report was posted about it). It was most likely a terrorist attack and there was more than one shooter! Wake the hell up America! God only knows how many are here to hurt us?