SCARY! NH Picks Dems Who Best Represent Democrat Party


Pollsters found that Nancy Pelosi was hurt in the polls during the shutdown, even more than the President, for whatever polls are worth. But one out of New Hampshire is concerning. The state is moving left — very left.

A once reliably Libertarian state, New Hampshire has seen an influx of leftists from neighboring Democrat states. In a new poll by the NH Journal, voters preferred the Democratic Socialist (Communist) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) over twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The poll released on Sunday indicated that 28 percent of New Hampshire voters believe Ocasio-Cortez best represent the Democratic Party, while only 17 percent said that Clinton best represents the Democratic Party.

There are concerns for Trump too since his approval rating has plunged among Independents in the state.

Worse still,  the majority of NH voters say [Socialist] Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) of Massachusetts best represents the Democratic Party.

“The fact that so many Democrats in New Hampshire see Sen. Warren as an accurate reflection of their party isn’t that surprising given the fact that she’s from the neighboring state of Massachusetts,” Shawn McCoy, who serves as publisher for NH Journal said. “But the fact that Hillary Clinton, an icon of the party for 30 years, trails a progressive activist newcomer like Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is astonishing.”

If Lieawatha Warren is the Democratic Party, with Mao-Cortez a strong second, it can only mean that the Democrat Party is the Socialist Party with no hope of returning to a more centrist position.

That is so dangerous for the Republic.

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4 years ago

I’ve said it before, we have reached the tipping point and the old American republic is dead. If you want to live in a nation with some freedom and liberty then you need to go somewhere else.

4 years ago

I have to agree, the incompetent, narcissistic communist/socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does best represent who the Democrat Party is today. Note to long time Democrats: This isn’t your parents’ Democrat Party. Wake up people, yours will be the same fate as the frog in the pot of boiling water and you will take down the whole of America with you.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Read ‘How To Recognize The Fascistic Turn’ at American Institute for Economic Research’ by Peter C. Earle.