Scary Smoking Gun Memo 2.0 Unredacted


The FBI has allowed the Grassley-Graham memo to be published mostly unredacted. It is the smoking gun.

It seems the entire bulk of the FISA application came from the dossier and the FBI relied on a guy – Christopher Steele – who was getting his information from Clinton operatives. These same Clinton operatives were paying the Russians for the information.

Clinton (her operatives) bought a FISA warrant against her opponents and she (her operatives) conspired with Russians.

The FBI knew it was funded by the Clinton campaign and the DNC but never told the FISC (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court). The same goes for the renewals.

They made an application to a FISC with an unverified dossier funded by Democrats and aimed at spying on the Trump campaign.

James Comey and a few others need to go to jail.

Trey Gowdy is strongly hinting that Sidney Blumenthal was involved in leaking information for the dossier.

This tweet from congressman Zeldin summarizes it well.

2018-02-06 CEG LG to DOJ FBI (Unclassified Steele Referral) on Scribd

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