Schiff Coached Alex Vindman & Continually Interrupted Republicans


The latest impeachment witness, Army official Alexander Vindman appeared for the hearing in military uniform with his medals. He served honorably in wartime. While we honor his service, NSC staff are not supposed to show up in military uniform.

The uniform gave him credibility and made him harder to criticize. Despite his past accomplishments, he currently serves in a bureaucratic role.

The army official admitted he shared the read-outs of President Trump’s call to Ukrainian President Zelenzky with several other secret operatives. He’s a leaker, in other words.

Republicans, on the other hand, were not allowed to ask with whom he shared the readouts and if they were authorized to receive them. Vindman leaked without consequences or providing the necessary information to make a reasoned judgment.


Republicans were continuously interrupted, and Adam Schiff coached the witness, wouldn’t let him answer some questions, and then he or someone(s) on the Democratic side leaked to the New York Times.

There is still no quid pro quo according to Republicans.



    • There are no, zip, nada “honorable” reps on the left. This whole clown circus is ample proof of just that fact.
      Just sayin’.

  1. This is all political theatrics just like the Communist trials in Marxist Russia with a uniformed military man to convey false patriotism.

    • I wish I knew..Schiff is one of the most corrupt. If one listens to legal advice anymore, it’s interrupted many ways.

  2. Schiff’s first and only job since our President has been elected has been to bring Mr Trump down by any means possible. Too bad the taxpayers in his district don’t get a single ounce of use for their own improvement from this corrupt, lying, doubletalking, evil, snake of a creature. What has he ever done l for those he represents?

  3. Once the hear-say argument wouldn’t stand. They had to find a witness.
    Watch his bank account. Or where his kids are employed.

  4. Schiff: “The truth? You can’t handle the truth. So, just shut up and let us frame the narrative; our original intent with this whole farce.” [But, I parody.]

  5. LtCol. Vindman is feeling the political heat. That’s what happens when you parade around within a military uniform and step into the political arena. Oil and water. I wouldn’t follow LtCol. Vindman into a bar, let alone the battlefield. The LtCol. has shown his true colors, just check out his Obama supporting attorney. Semper Fi.

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