Schiff dumps thousands of pages of docs within hours of hearing


With this week’s impeachment hearings, Democrats are trying to make the case that they didn’t waste the taxpayers’ time and money, Rep. Collins told Maria Bartiromo this morning on Sunday Morning Futures.

He also discussed the fact that they are resuscitating the Mueller Report which found no collusion and found nothing charge-worthy on obstruction.

Rep. Collins also told Ms. Bartiromo that he is calling for a delay in the scheduled Monday morning impeachment hearing. Judiciary Chair Jerrold Nadler has to delay — we think.

Committee Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff had dumped thousands of pages of new documents on Republican lawmakers on Saturday night. This is less than 24 hours before the first scheduled impeachment hearing on Monday morning. Nadler has to postpone.

Maria Bartiromo: “So explain to me what happened. You say Adam Schiff just dumped thousands of pages of new documents in your lap just last night?”

Rep. Doug Collins: “Yesterday afternoon, we sure did… Yesterday, the Adam Schiff Report and all the underlying documents, they decided to give us all the underlying documents but not just from his committee but from Budget and Foreign Affairs, as well. This is not fair. There is no way we can process these thousands of documents. But better yet the Democrats can’t process these documents.”

Democrats are moving too quickly for anyone to read all the documents, Collins said. But, maybe that’s the goal.

This entire impeachment debacle is an embarrassing scam. You would never know it from Twitter. The Twitter mob, largely funded by people like George Soros are storming social media and trending with lies.



Nancy speaks out of both sides of her mouth. She thinks she is a historic figure. She is, but not in the way she hopes.

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