School Board Member Says US Flag “Means Nothing More Than Toilet Paper to Me”


In defense of disrespectful, divisive NFL players, Traci O’Neal Ellis, a Board of Education member of School District U46 in Elgin, Illinois, wrote on her personal Facebook page that the American flag “means nothing more than toilet paper to me.”

At least she’s honest about the meaning of the so-called NFL ‘protest”. It is about hating America.

Traci O’Neal Ellis

O’Neal Ellis said that she’s “proud to stand with the sons of bitches on the field today,” the Illinois Family Institute reported, referring to President. She also called Trump’s remarks “nothing more than continued white nationalism at its finest,” the Courier-News said.

This woman is a school board member.

She’s proud of what she wrote and doesn’t care that some in the community are outraged.

“I cannot be embarrassed by righteous truth,” she wrote Tuesday on her school board Facebook page. “… my experience in America is vastly different than that of white people. This is true for most people of color. Unfortunately, many people are arrogant enough to deny the lived experiences of black people.”

She thinks she’s an “expert on black life in America” and sputtered about slavery, the KKK and Jim Crow, all of which were instituted by Democrats.

Apparently her family has experienced racism so she decided though, despite veterans commanding her respect, the flag is a “false symbol of hope.”

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