School Board President Wants to Take George Washington’s Name Off the High School



It was only a matter of time before we were going to hear this.

The president of the San Francisco school board wants the Founding Fathers names — Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe — removed from the schools. The Father of our nation, George Washington, has to go too. He wants people who are more relevant.

Let me guess, who would be more relevant? Colin Kaepernick?

Board President Matt Haney said Tuesday he will introduce a resolution to encourage communities to consider the change.

Scott Haney
Scott Haney

He also wants Francis Scott Key Elementary renamed. Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner and Colin Kaepernick, who runs around wearing a Castro t-shirt, has made that an issue, Haney believes. The left hates the National Anthem.

They all owned slaves. At the time it was legal and it was over 200 years ago. They are taking the man who led us into freedom out of context and not considering the entirety of his life.

“We need to have a conversation about this,” Haney said. “Especially at George Washington High School. We have school names in San Francisco that are not relevant or meaningful or inspire pride.”Yes, Haney said, the name Washington — also shared by a state, the U.S. capital and a likeness on a dollar bill — might very well be such a name.

“I would not want to speak for the school community,” Haney said. “It’s a very tricky issue. I’m trying to stay away from condemning anyone. It was a very different time back then. But slavery was America’s original sin.”

What’s this original sin garbage? It was committed by people no longer alive to people no longer alive.

He wants schools to form committees to discuss the renaming.

It has long been a dream of the left to erase our history and our Constitution.

This guy is an opportunist leftist. He is left on every issue you can name.

With a little luck, Donald Trump will win and take San Francisco’s funding away since they are a sanctuary city.

When are people going to put an end to this PC garbage and talk about the real issues? The left wants to use these types of issues to fundamentally transform the country.

Source: San Francisco Gate



  1. The Founding Fathers of this country who built this country there is no one more relevant. How in the hell can this idiot be in a position of authority no wonder this country is going to hell. Fire his sorry ass

  2. When I saw the title of the article, I started laughing and laughing because I thought it was a joke that someone had sent me over my email. Then I actually read the article and realized that it was for real. How stupid can this guy, Haney, be; maybe he never studied history in school or maybe he never went to school. Probably the latter!! How did he get to be president of any school board is beyond me. I would suggest having another election for the office.

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