School Takes Back Yearbooks from “Racists” Who Wrote “Build that Wall”


It’s racist to build a wall on our border to keep out terrorists, communists, invaders, cartels and drug dealers?

Richmond Early College High School near Rockingham North Carolina have taken back yearbooks and are having them reprinted after some senior quotes were deemed controversial, the school system says.

Students shared quotes under their photos in the yearbook and after the book was published and some given out, the administration found some quotes unacceptable, even one by President Trump.

The Trump quote, “Build that wall,” was called racist and hurtful to classmates, some of whom are minorities.

Hispanic students should want the wall built and the reasons why should be explained to them.

Students weren’t disciplined for the quotes.

There are 22.7 percent Hispanic students in the school and another 11.9 percent are other minorities.

“As a district, we do not and will not tolerate inappropriate conduct toward any of our students,” the school district’s post said. “In each situation, our goal is to provide for the well-being of all of our students and prevent recurrences of inappropriate conduct.”

What is racist about “build the wall”? In fact, open borders proponents are traitors. The open borders are a one-way street and the end goals of the policy are all bad for the USA.

Schools like this one really don’t need to churn out more PC snowflakes. Watch the one in the clip go off the rails because of a Trump sign that read, ‘Borders, Jobs, Liberty, USA’.

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