Schumer Begins His Evil Crusade Against a Wall With Name Calling


Senator Chuck Schumer will do nothing to help a Republican, whether it’s President Trump or someone else. As anonymous people pour through our borders, 3,000 in just one day, he continues to fund any part of the border wall.

The sly New York leftist cagily said he offered two ways for the President to fund the government. Both give Democrats everything they want and do not fund any part of a border wall.

Schumer used the usual name calling tactic he always resorts to. The man is evil.


“We offered the president two ways to avoid a shutdown,” Schumer told reporters outside the White House, after the meeting with Trump.

“We hope he’ll take it because a shut down hurts too many innocent people. And this Trump shutdown, this temper tantrum that he seems to throw, will not get him his wall,” Schumer added.

Schumer will sell you snow in the wintertime. Schumer’s using the same old Alinsky-Communist tactics that have worked so well in the past. He’s demonizing the President and putting the shutdown on the President’s shoulders. No matter who causes the shutdown, Democrats will always be able to blame Republicans since the media is one and the same with them.


Nancy Pelosi was even worse. She referred to the non-existent pee tape allegedly made of Trump peeing on prostitutes on a bed once used by Obama in Russia. It’s a conspiracy theory related to the dossier.

Pelosi told Democrats that Trump “must have said the word ‘wall’ 30 times,” she complained. “I was trying to be the mom,” she explained, but “it goes to show you: you get into a tickle contest with a skunk, you get tinkle all over you.’”

It’s like a manhood thing with him — as if manhood can be associated with him,” she told her colleagues just now.

Trump did not have a temper tantrum and that is for all the world to see. Watch the video below.

Fiery! “I Won’t Take It!” Trump Says as Dems Fight for Open Borders

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Francis W. Porretto
Francis W. Porretto
4 years ago

Shut it down, Mr. President. We’re with you this time. This…person who wants to thwart the wall also wants to take all our guns. Show him the back of your hand and get it done!

4 years ago

SHUT IT DOWN UNTIL THE WALL IS FUNDED, I have listened to border security BS for decades, end this sh^t now!!

4 years ago

schumer and pelosi present an impenetrable wall of stupid.
this is a declaration that reason can not prevail.
far from being pointless, it is The Rule Of Engagement.
This is aggravated assault on reason.
This is an open declaration of war on reason.
The only alternative is force.
Just do it.
A declaration of emergency authorizes the president to send the military to do any kind of construction or reconstruction.
It’s done ever time there’s a natural disaster.
Do it now.
Have the Corps of Engineers build that wall now!
Talking is not building.
Talking is losing.
Make the wall happen now!