Schumer Brought a Muslim In Who Was Then Arrested for Child Sex Assault


We have an update on this story. Chuck U Schumer deleted his post bragging about it. He should just apologize and say he won’t supersede the law again but he is a hack after all.

The Washington Post reports that snowshoe champion Tanveer Hussain and his team manager Abid Khan were brought to America by Chucky Schumer for the Snowshoe championships.

As an aside, Schumer has an amazing national popularity of 17%. We at the Sentinel live in New York and were surprised it was that high.

Tanveer and Avid were denied visas but Chucky stepped in and got them over here for the World Snowshoe Championships in Saranac Lake, N.Y., last weekend.

Tanveer was arrested after the competition when he is said to have passionately kissed a 12-year old child while touching her in an intimate spot over her clothes.

Tanveer Hussain, 24, of Kashmir, India, stands charged with first-degree sexual abuse, a felony, and endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor. First-degree sexual abuse, according to New York law, means the perpetrator “subjects another person to sexual contact” without consent, in this case because the alleged victim is under age 13 and legally too young to give consent.

Hussain and Abid claim the little girl was following him around “in an affectionate way” and was a “nutcase.” He said he had to push her off him.

Police Sgt. Casey Reardon said they have enough evidence for probable cause.

“We’re confident in our investigation and the results of it,” he said. “There were other witnesses. Social media was involved. There’s evidence that supports the charges.”

Listen to this garbage they’re trying to sell:

Khan said the younger Hussain “is more of a naive kind of person.

“He is not aware that she is minor in first place,” he said. “We told him later that she is a minor. He doesn’t understand proper English, so he doesn’t know.

And then there’s this.

Hussain’s brother, Yunus Ali, said the family has not been able to speak to Hussain since the arrest.

“In Kashmir, we have a tradition of showing love to children. We hug and kiss a child here, and our society doesn’t see it as a crime,” he said.

The media tried to tie the initial rejection of visas to the travel ban knowing India is not one of the seven countries included in the travel restrictions. The Washington Post originally stated that but had to retract it at the end of the article.

The people of Saranac Lake and the mayor in particular welcomed and lauded the duo. This was their reward – given he’s guilty of course.

Thank you Chuck. Did you even bother to find out why his visa was rejected?

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