Schumer claims new ‘evidence’ demands an impeachment retrial in the Senate


Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Monday called for “sensitive administration documents” to be presented as evidence at the impeachment trial. Schumer wants what Nancy Pelosi wants — a full retrial or re-impeachment with witnesses who won’t appear until the courts decide. Yet, House Democrats insisted they had clearcut proof against the President, enough to impeach.

Schumer told reporters Thursday that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) should agree to procedures that allow for witnesses and documents at the outset of the trial. Those are the procedures demanded by Pelosi.


The Hill reported that Schumer says the White House tried to conceal the documents.

It’s not a matter of concealment. That’s dishonest. At the present time, the President went to the courts to mediate between the legislative branch and the executive to determine what records he has to turn over and which witnesses must appear as the legislators go through their unlawful impeachment.

The documents contain emails sent by senior White House official Michael Duffey. Duffey, a Trump appointee, works through the OMB and is responsible for overseeing national security money.

“Based on guidance I have received and in light of the Administration’s plan to review assistance to Ukraine, including the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, please hold off on any additional DoD obligations of these funds, pending direction from that process,” Duffey wrote to OMB and Pentagon officials on July 25.

“Given the sensitive nature of the request, I appreciate your keeping that information closely held to those who need to know to execute direction,” Duffey added.


July 25th is the day the President spoke with President Zelensky. The media claims that the hold was put on 91 minutes after the call, not 90, not 92, 91. This is suspect given the media’s penchant for lying.

It’s more of the same. These documents are not factual evidence. I picture the President getting off the phone with the Ukraine President and thinking, I don’t know about this guy and if he’s going to clean up any corruption. Or maybe it’s just something else. It doesn’t matter. It’s not proof of anything we don’t already know.

Schumer argued in a letter circulated to senators that emails recently made public show that Michael Duffey ordered Pentagon officials in July to “hold off” on sending military aid to Ukraine and to keep the action secret because of its “sensitive nature.”

“Relevant documentary evidence currently in the possession of the Administration will augment the existing evidentiary record and will allow Senators to reach judgments informed by all of the available facts,” Schumer wrote.

It was kept ‘secret’ on July 25th because the President didn’t use it as quid pro quo. If it was quid pro quo, he would have told Ukraine.


Schumer tweeted the documents.

Again, it appears to be more of the same. In fact, the President did nothing illegal, perhaps unwise, but not lawless. He can ask Ukraine to investigate and he can hold back aid. It’s done all the time. In the end, he didn’t do it. They impeached him for a thoughtcrime. How very 1984 of them.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is battling it out with them and it will be delayed until January.

McConnell was on Fox & Friends this morning and dealt with what he called the “charade” and whether he’s impartial or not. The Republican from Kentucky asked if anyone thinks Schumer is impartial. He said Pelosi’s trying to tell them how to run the Senate trial and that’s not happening.

He offered to do it exactly the way the Clinton trial was done, and which Schumer voted for in 1999.

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