Chuck Schumer Declares Trump’s Cabinet Nominees Are His Enemies


Chuck Schumer, senator from New York
Chuck Schumer, senator from New York

Chuck Schumer, the senator from New York, declared all of Trump’s cabinet nominees to be his enemies.

Back at ya Chuck! Schumer has little sway right now so he has to go right to beating the war drums.

Schumer is the swamp. He is one of the swamp creatures who needs to be drained out of the D.C. swamp or at least ignored.

If ever the word “hack” needed definition, Schumer defines it best.

Chuck Schumer has long been known to be a hack by New Yorkers like myself whose voice is silenced by the millions of Democrats in New York City who will vote for anyone with a “D” in front of his/her name. Schumer told Heartless Harry Reid at a farewell ceremony in Congress that he – Chuck – became who he is today from him.

It’s that bad!

Be forewarned, never get between Chuck and a camera.

No one’s described him better than Reason Magazine, who refer to Chuck as the “trivial” politician and with good reason. We will quote the author here:

So what kind of leader is Chuck Schumer? He is among the very most trivial politicians to serve in that crucible of triviality, mediocrity, and dead weight we call the U.S. Senate.

No issue is too stupid or inconsequential for Schumer to weigh in on, inevitably calling for a ban or regulation that serves no other possible purpose than to shine a light on the glory and grandeur of Chuck Schumer.

If we are living in anything like a “Libertarian Moment”—that technologically empowered drive toward greater and greater control over more aspects of our lives and a period of increasingly individualized and hyper-personalized ways of living—Schumer has standing athwart history and yelling “Stop!” every second of the day, herniating himself in a mad dash to be in charge of everything everywhere. His efforts no doubt get in the way and slow down innovation, progress, and a truly plural society, but that he has so far been incapable of killing off the future completely is cause for celebration.

Schumer wins votes by weighing in on everything and promising to rectify what he sees as a problem. He has attacked: e-cigarettes, plans to control the size of airplane seats and prices of tickets, wants to have a hand in cereal prices, and he was right there banning 3-D guns.

In general, just put the word “ban” in front of each of these: delicious-looking detergents, powerful laser pointers, powdered alcohol, powdered caffeine, energy drinks, sleeping pills, online drugs, home-made bombs (lots of luck with that one), fast food bread and so on.

He also wants to subsidize silly things like green yogurt because he has the taxpayer credit card.

As Reason says, if you want a politician who deals in the trivial and unimportant to cure that bug up his @ss, he’s your guy!


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