Schumer Is Offended the President Blasted His Anti-Assimilation Visa Program


We are allowing people into the country who want to overthrow us and replace our culture with their 7th century culture. We won’t screen them out. We are the source of our own future destruction and we are doing it in the name of political correctness.

Politicians like Chuck Schumer help make it happen.

Senators Schumer and Ted Kennedy established the outreach program that let Sayfullo Saipov into the country. It invites people in who have no interest in being Americans.

Chuck Schumer, lying to the public for decades.

The New York City radical Islamic terrorist who killed eight people and injured eleven others on Tuesday came into the United States on Schumer’s random diversity lottery program.

It encourages anti-American immigrants through his diversity visa lottery.

It is a ridiculous program that Schumer tacked on to a 1990 Immigration Law that then-president H.W. Bush signed. Schumer sponsored it and pushed it through with the help of the likes of Ted Kennedy.

Just the name, ‘diversity’, makes it clear it has nothing to do with assimilation and welcomes people who do not share our values.

We ducked a bullet by not having Hillary Clinton as President. She wanted to increase the poorly-vetted, random immigration programs. Hillary also loved the use of the term, “lone wolf”, which was co-opted by Barack Obama for partisan purposes to minimize the extent of the threat.

In truth, there are no lone wolves.

We are not fighting one group of terrorists or one individual, we are fighting a worldwide jihad, a radical religious movement. Many are radicalized or prepared for radicalization in Mosques and law enforcement knows it, studies prove it, but our politicians won’t shut them down because they claim to be religious.

Al Qaeda and ISIS are known to exploit the diversity visa program.

The left is out in full force Wednesday claiming the extreme right are the only ones who don’t like the program. If people understood what the program is, they’d know that is a deflection.

Trump blamed the people who began this idiotic program on Twitter this morning, but the guilty parties attacked Trump in return.

Trump simply wants to push back and protect our countrymen. Trump is trying to hold the left accountable for the horrid programs they put in place.

Schumer was particularly fake offended.

The program is owned by Schumer but he ignored that on the Senate floor today. He is trying to blame Trump for his egregious errors.

Schumer deflected from his program and complained of politicization even though he himself politicizes everything, especially when it comes to guns and he can aim the attack at Republicans.

Most of the millions we have taken in are from Muslim nations.

We should not have a program that brings extra Uzbeks to the U.S. in the name of “diversity” or for any other purpose. We don’t need immigrants from every country, and certainly not extra immigrants from Uzbekistan whose population is 80 percent Muslim, and is a known hotbed of radial islamic terrorism.

Daniel Horowitz reports that 1.83 million green cards were issued to nationals of predominantly Muslim countries from 2001-2015, including almost 60,000 to Uzbeks. The dates are significant because they reflect post-9/11 immigration policy. After 9/11, we should have wised up.

The chain migration is part of this and it’s a problem. The NYC terrorist is personally tied to 23 relatives who came in because of his immigration to the U.S.

Taking in people who are anti-assimilation and hate our values is idiotic, yet we are doing it over and over with this program and others. We are replacing Western culture. Our politicians are avoiding vetting people who follow Sharia law and have supremacist views.

It’s the overthrowing of Western culture. Leftist support this.

Of the many millions of Muslims we let in, many are radicalized or are susceptible to radicalization. They form their little enclaves and plot to destroy us with the help of the leftists.


The RAISE Act would have eliminated this program and put us back on a merit-based system.

As the Trump administration said about the lottery program, it “serves questionable economic and humanitarian interests.”

In announcing the bill, Senator Cotton stated, “We will build an immigration system that raises working wages, creates jobs, and gives every American a fair shot at creating wealth, whether your family came over on the Mayflower or just took the oath of citizenship.”

Senator Perdue said the Act “will create a skills-based system that is more responsive to the needs of our economy and preserves the quality of jobs available to American workers.”

The bill would also limit permanent resident status for refugees to 50,000 a year, which the White House says is in line with the average over the past 13 years.

Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller suggested that the White House intends to make the proposal a campaign issue next year in congressional midterm elections.

“Ultimately, members of Congress will have a choice to make,” Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller said. “They can either vote with the interests of U.S. citizens and U.S. workers, or they can vote against their interests, and whatever happens as a result of that, I think, would be somewhat predictable.

The bill passed the House but died in the Senate. Democrats, John McCain, Susan Collins prefer open borders policies.

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