Schumer and McConnell Might Stop the Wall


According to Axios, Chucky Schumer has a plan to stop payment for the wall and the only way to bypass Schumer’s block is to use the nuclear option.  Bets are that Mitch McConnell won’t abandon the Senate tradition just to pay for “Trump’s” wall.

It would be a major defeat for President Trump. He needs 60 Senate votes to pass the bill for the funds which he won’t get and the only option will be the nuclear option. There is no budget process to fund it using only Republican votes .

If Republicans put money for the wall into a bill, Democrats will block it, no matter what else is in it because it will be, they believe, a devastating loss for the President.

Trump’s team might ask for the wall to be attached to a military funding bill to give the Republicans a strong argument. The attack ads could be relentless.

Trump also has said that he can get the money without them. “We have enough money to get a decent amount of the wall done in first year,” their source said. “We can reprioritize some funding within [the Department of Homeland Security]. … It’s not like work would come to a complete halt.”

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6 years ago

Maybe these people in Congress should solicit Newt Gingrich on how to get things done. He was instrumental in getting things done, especially considering he had a democrat to deal with. These charlatans can’t even accomplish much with an ENTIRE Government under their control.It’s about time to “primary” these Republicans. They are useless mats who are afraid of their own shadow. Rep. Meadows certainly laid out how worthless they are. Their own power is sacrosanct above all else.