Schumer Says There’s No Presumption of Innocence for a Nominee


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, working hand-in-hand with Senator Dianne Feinstein, has coordinated the attacks on Judge Kavanaugh. The attacks by alleged victims with no evidence are portrayed as criminal in nature but, at the same time, Democrats don’t want to be limited by legalities such as presumption of innocence.

The Democrats have damaged Judge Kavanaugh’s character and only taken the side of accusers — without any evidence. They have politicized sexual abuse for their own ends.

Schumer is now presenting this as a case of mere fact-finding.

They also want the FBI to probe the judge’s past going back to high school on allegations with no evidence whatsoever.

They are demanding another FBI probe to delay the confirmation. The FBI has already thoroughly investigated Judge Kavanaugh six times and have declined to investigate him again based on these no evidence cases.

The New York hack says we don’t need to presume the judge is innocent. This is a familiar refrain and one echoed by the Democrats for the past two weeks. He is the choreographer.

There is no way, in most cases, to prove innocence. The system we have, based on 800 years of evolution, is the one that works — innocent until proven guilty. Democrats want to destroy that, along with our due process rights.

Where are the civil libertarians? This man’s civil rights are being violated.

This entire case is precedent-setting and it’s dangerous. It’s out of hand. The judge is being forced to testify along with a woman who has provided zero evidence — fake evidence in fact.

Whoever people like better this Thursday — with the help of the media — wins.  Since the judge is a white male, he’s in trouble.

Schumer is basically saying, let us torch this man, destroy him without being hampered by democracy. The New York senator claims this is just a screening of a nominee as they convict the judge of assault. Schumer’s trying to delay but he’s also changing our democratic processes.

Presumption of innocence only applies to drunk Democrats who drive off bridges and kill women.

Keep in mind these people are lawmakers.

Watch the hack in action:

Far-left Chris Coons said much the same thing. He says Judge Kavanaugh has to prove his innocence, which is near-impossible.

Watch Coons:

Senator Hirono is all-in on judging the white male based on him being a conservative.

Watch Hirono:

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