Schumer’s Gun Bill: Making Felons Out of Legal Gun Owners – Update

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Update: 3/14/13: Politico announced that this horrendous bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee. It is unlikely to pass the Senate over the objections of Republicans but people do need to start becoming concerned.

“The issue of background checks remains the sweet spot. It can pass Congress and make a difference in preventing gun violence. We will work nonstop in the next couple weeks to continue negotiating a bipartisan compromise, and we are optimistic we can achieve one,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer, who introduced the proposal.

Original Story: 3/13/13:  Chuck Schumer’s latest anti-gun bill for the nation will require you to pay dearly to keep any rights under the Second Amendment and it will put people at risk for jail time even for making a mistake. It will make criminals out of law-abiding citizens while criminals will be freely running around with guns in all our newly-constituted “gun-free zones.”

Schumer’s gun bill (Fix Gun Checks Act) can be found here. It will require a federal license to have and transfer a gun – an FFL or Federal Firearms License – and a criminal background check.

It starts out with all the right language:


Who could argue with that?

Wait, there is more:

Every single sale and transfer will require an FFL and a background check (NICS or National Instant Criminal Background Check System). Innocuous? No, it’s not. (p.11)

  • You won’t be able to hand a gun to someone for five minutes without them having an FFL and an NCIS – instant background check. Shooting ranges are an exception if they are for hunting or sports purposes and the gun is being used at a state-approved shooting range  and/or a range used for conservation purposes (p.12) In other words, if you and a friend are taking turns shooting and using the same gun, you can’t do it unless it’s at one of these Big Brother facilities.
  • Transfer of guns includes gifts among family members. It includes loaning guns and it includes pawning guns.
  • The only exception is if you are going to buy the gun – you are allowed to hold it and look at it.
  • There will be fees and taxes which will undoubtedly become cost-prohibitive for the common man but not the elite.
  • If you lose your gun or it is stolen, you had better report it within 24 hours or you can go to jail for up to 5 years.
  • If you go on a trip for a week and leave your gun at home unattended or with a family member without going through the transfer, it’s a felony. God help you if it’s stolen while you’re gone.

And there is this:

It requires states to keep their records updated at what might be an unreasonable time limit or they will lose federal funding. This will cost us, plus the records will never be accurate. I’ve worked in a bureaucracy for 33 years. To think big government can keep updated records in near-real time is absurd.

There will be grants (tax money) to Native-American tribes to set up their records.

How do you qualify for an FFL in the case of a private transfer?

    1. The temporary transfer must take place at the owner’s house
    2. The gun can’t be moved from the property
    3. The transfer must last less than 7 days

In Nassau County LI, if you want to buy a gun, you have to go through months-long waits for your application and background check to be completed. They eventually send it to you and you take it to the gun shop, then you buy a gun and bring the receipt to the police who investigate again. Then the police give  you their permission to go collect your gun. You then bring your gun back to the police so they can inspect it. The license is temporary. There is a fee. It’s a moronic and unwieldy system. NYC is worse, Suffolk County has a more streamlined process.

This costly and inefficient system in Nassau or NYC is what you can expect from the federal government for starters.

Schumer has never liked the Second Amendment and wants to take your guns away, make no mistake. He has been at it for years. Recently, pictures of him hunting have turned up and he has said he went out only a couple times. Schumer, hypocrite extraordinaire, is not telling the truth. He tried to join the Peconic Gun Club and he planned to go shooting there. He was rejected because of his anti-gun stance.

The Truth about Guns interprets this law the same way I do. The bill is not long – read it for yourself.

Please contact your representatives and complain.

Listen to what the representative is saying in this video – this is their goal:


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