Schumer’s Party of Illegal Aliens Lost One In Their Push for America’s Decline


The Democrat Party of Foreigners, a bunch of idiots, lost big today.

As Senator Kennedy said, “The country was founded by geniuses, it’s being run by idiots.”  The idiots, including some Republicans like Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham, left our borders open, let millions flood into the country and stay so they could take American workers’ jobs. At the same time, they made Communist China enormously wealthy and ran up the debt to $20 trillion.

Donald Trump is trying to undo the damage but so many Americans don’t even realize what has been done to this country. Our imperfect President is trying to save America.

Chuck Schumer, who was once a proponent of closed borders, supported what turned out to be a short-lived government shutdown on behalf of illegal aliens. Schumer lost big Monday, caved to Republicans, and had to help open the government back up in exchange for nothing except to agree to something Republicans had already said they would do. They will discuss DACA.

The idiots are only allowing the government until February 8th so there is still time for more damage to be done.

For today, however, even Chuck’s base knows he lost big and #SchumerSellout is trending on Twitter.

On Thursday, Politico reported that Chuck Schumer told President Trump there will be no deal unless Sen. Tom Cotton is removed from the negotiating table. His gall knows no bounds.

Schumer doesn’t want to deal with people like Cotton who are on to his lies about immigration. Read about all the endless lies on this link.

Lyin’ Schumer:

The foreigners that Democrats support are not happy.

The Democrats might not realize it but they approved more tax cuts in the spending bill in addition to the $1.5 billion in tax cuts they already approved to end the shutdown.

According to the New York Times, the deal struck by Democrats and Republicans on Monday ending the government shutdown contains $31 billion more in tax cuts, including a temporary delay in implementing three health care-related taxes.

Democrats do not like tax cuts and this won’t make them happy.

It’s an all-around good day for Republicans. Despite all the lies, sketchy polls, and the media support for the Party of Foreigners, President Trump won this round.

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