Schumer’s Shutdown Isn’t About a Border Wall


President Trump released a video last evening after the open borders Democrats refusal to fund even one cent of a border wall or offer any border security. He is being mocked and vilified in the media for his stand on the wall. There is a reason for that and it’s not about the wall.

We are now into the SCHUMER SHUTDOWN. Does anyone believe Chuck Schumer actually cares about anyone, much less foreigners, or criminal foreigners? Ask yourself if it’s believable as you watch the authoritarian Chuck Schumer force his will on the people.

Using old Soviet tactics, Schumer and his colleagues silence or destroy anyone who objects.

Democrats have offered fantastical reasons for not approving the border wall, including costs and humanitarianism. But none of their reasons stand up to scrutiny when one considers that we have more than 50,000 anonymous foreigners pouring into the country each month.

What Democrats want is power and control and they want it to be permanent. That’s why they don’t debate or compromise.

They want their progressive electoral majority and are willing to take the country down to do it.


Mass illegal immigration is about stripping away individual freedom and moving closer towards a centralized, authoritarian government under the rule of the elite.

Democrats have been successful in creating a mass delusion around the issue of illegal immigration. They’ve conflated it with legal immigration and legitimate asylum seeking to erase the inherent problems of illegality and criminality that occurs when there is no screening apparatus in place.

The party of the hard-left claims there are no criminals, terrorists, or deadbeats among them which is absurd upon any reflection. But the media supports them and develops the illusion so that few facts get out and distortions hit the front pages.

We don’t hear about the drugs coming through our borders. What we are told instead is doctors, pharmacists, and pill makers are bad . Democrats and Democrat media don’t want you to think about drugs coming from foreigners as the drug crisis grows in this country. They won’t tell you much about the growing drug cartels throughout our nation or the Chinese who smuggle fentanyl.

Integral to the success of the mass delusion is the need to damage and destroy anyone who objects through name calling and assaults on their character. It is a tried and true method.

Democrats have their backs for the cause

Once in the country, the foreign invaders receive welfare and other benefits as our wealth is redistributed. If they are fake refugees, they get more. And they take jobs the Americans, especially American minorities, usually get, suppressing wages for Americans. Their vote is then purchased for a lifetime. Democrats have their backs and will eventually have them on a path to citizenship and the vote.

Part of the delusion is the Democrats’ claim that they want border security, at the same time they protect even criminals in sanctuary cities, demand an end to deportation and detention, accept illegals as refugees, refuse real border security, and call for amnesty for any and every humanitarian reason they can conjure up.

Desensitization and apathy 

As this process is played out, Americans become more and more desensitized and apathetic. So much so that when they are replaced with the foreigners, they might not even notice. When their wealth is redistributed stealthily under the guise of humanitarianism, they won’t quibble. As their voice is silenced, they will acquiesce and those who don’t won’t have any guns.

Even as outrageous as sanctuary for illegals and illegal alien criminals is, Americans’ ‘will to fight’ is defused. They don’t want to be attacked by the PC tyrants. And it feels good to give everyones’ money away to those poor dejected foreigners.

The fundamental transformation begins and ends with millions of illegal aliens bought by the party of the hard-left.

The border patrol releases another video of illegals breaking in. This makes no sense to anyone but the hard-left Democrats.

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