SCOOP! Filmmaker tells Trump Fox is “moving away” from “his shadow”


President Trump is very concerned about Fox News’s turn to the left of where they were. It isn’t a surprise. The network made no mystery out of the fact that they wanted to widen their reach.

Since they aren’t allowed to hold one of those fake Democratic ‘debates,’ they are trying to do it by holding town halls where far-left candidates rip into the President and even insult Fox News, with little pushback or follow up from the hosts.

They seem to us to be legitimizing themselves by going easy on the far-lefters who haven’t a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming the Democratic candidate.

It’s easy for someone like Chris Wallace to play the part since he is way on the left himself. He’s out in the open now and recently claimed AOC’s Green New Deal is “a heck of a good idea.” You have to be way out there to say that.


Trump is concerned about how far Fox News will go.

Trump wrote on Twitter,”. Polls are always bad for me. They were against Crooked Hillary also. Something weird going on at Fox. Our polls show us leading in all 17 Swing States. For the record, I didn’t spend 30 hours with , but rather a tiny fraction of that. More Fake News


Filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch, who appears to be persona non grata at Fox where he used to make guest appearances, says he has the “scoop.”

His contacts at Fox say the network is “distancing themselves” from the President.

“We’ve got the scoop,” DML tweeted. “@foxnews is distancing themselves from you. Word from 2nd floor says ‘move away from Trump shadow.’ My high up pals dish info. Be smart. Don’t trust them, but u know that already.”

To some degree, that has to be true, but they still offer conservative fare on a number of shows, certainly in the evening.

My contacts at Fox say most of the people at the network are not conservatives, most are liberal. And they want to be accepted as a premier news network.

Lots of luck with that. Cable’s going to keep going down, down, down because the youth don’t watch it much. They are on the phones streaming or they’re on social media. The network is unhappy with the niche they are in and they are tired of fighting everyone.

Unfortunately, if they do abandon the President, their loyal followers will abandon them.

It’s easier to now see who the liberals are on Fox and it’s many of the on-air personalities during the day and on weekends.

The President is right. There is something weird going on at Fox, but it’s unclear where they will stop. We think they want to be in the center. What do you think?

It’s really a shame. The Pesident has given up so much, works for nothing, and really just wants to bring us back to our founding principles. There are so few in his corner, but he knows he has the common man, the traditional American.

The way of the world, however, is statism. The United States is unique in that its capitalistic system has given the best standard of living to the greatest number of people ever in recorded history. Yet, half the nation doesn’t see it.

Trump bashers are blind. Socialists are fools.

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